Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Elf On The Shelf Day 4

THe beautiful star :) Just something to remind us a star was born and that is the reason for the season :) The kids loved it this morning!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Elf On The Shelf Day 3

The Elves have decided to take the ornaments from the tree for some reason!!!!!!

THey're using a rope to get the ornaments to the box... Easton had decorated this box tonight LOL
Patty is sending them down!

Peter is catching them!!!!

Enjoy!!!! Happy December 3rd!  Today There is a 2 hour late start at school, so Brooklyn got to come to daycare with mommy :) She was pretty stoked about that :) 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Elf On The Shelf Day 2

So It begins.... The Elves and their mischief.... I have to admit this one was pretty fun :) Peter and Patty colored with an expo marker on the family photo with the kids!!!! The kids had a blast laughing at the silly new version of the photo!!!! THen Easton couldn't wait to wipe it off!!! He is Really good at cleaning up after his elf!!! 

Patty is Guilty with the Expo Marker!!!

Peter is HIding on top of the clock!!!!

This is the final result of the elves artwork!!! What do you think?????

Sunday, December 1, 2013

No Electronic's Sunday.....

Well I decided that I've been using electronics WAY Too much and thought I would start taking one day out of the week to just Unplug and enjoy my babies! I decided that the "No Electronic Day" would be Every Sunday! SO Day 1 of Unplugging Not successful! Although I was not on as much as usual, I did get on and cheat a peek at my new Neice who decided to enter the world today! I also wrote a blog Post about the Arrival of Peter and Patty! AND While the kids were napping I got on Pinterest and Facebook ..... :( SO I have to say I"m a little disappointed in myself... Will try harder Next sunday to just unplug... and Be just a mom, Not a business owner, not a blog writer, or an online pinner... LOL Play some of the games in the game cabinet, read more books, Do more crafts, Something.... But No Electronics unless there is an emergency.... Do you think that is possible? LOL What are your thoughts.... Do you think it's a good thing to just unplug for a whole day? I spend a lot of time with my family but one of my major goals is to do more and spend more time with them so I thought this might help... Leave me your thoughts on this :) And have an awesome night!

The Return of the Elves: Peter and Patty

Good Sunday Afternoon all!!!!

Was Greeted this morning by great news that I am an Auntie again!!!! Diem Paige Hunter arrived at 8:45am! I can't wait to meet her! Love You Derek and Katie Hunter :) THEN we went to the post office and GUESS WHAT!!!?!?!?!!?

This Is the Second Year the Elves have come to visit us!!!! They're names are Peter and Patty! The Kids Were STOKED that the package came from the Post Office!!!! Who cares about the newest "HighLights" Magazine that came as well!!!?!?!? Peter and Patty wrote the kids a special letter and it TOTALLY helped get Easton to take a nap today! He was quiet and asleep within minutes of laying down!!!! Enjoy our version of the "Return" of the elves :) 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Planning Christmas....

I have always wanted to be one of those really organized, "Fit Everything In" Mommies! LOL So a few things i'm trying out this year are some lists I found online on Pinterest.

So Here is an awesome website I even bookmarked and subscribed to because she has an awesome Blog, and this Awesome Christmas planner:  Is another great Planning website :)

Then I went to a few other sites to help me get ready for Christmas!
Of Course: is the top of my list :) And I found all of the following websites from Pinterest! If you would like to see my "Christmas" and "Elf On the Shelf" Ideas Boards then check out my pinterest and follow them :) I have many many other great things to check out as well :) Might as well just FOLLOW all my boards :P  Look up Deanna Coleman

The Following Websites I found for DIY Christmas gifts... There are SO MANY more but you have to check out my board and Pinterest to see them..... We will be doing a couple of these :)  WE plan to do a couple of these as well :) :) :)

Then there are sites where you can find AWESOME Ideas for Stocking stuffers,,, Not too spendy, and easy things you may not have even thought of!!!!

Let me know what you think!!!! And again for more great ideas for Gifts, DIY(Do It Yourself) Gifts, and planning check out my Pinterest Boards :) :) :)

Hugs to all and have a great day!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Being Thankful....

As we played and learned at daycare today my main focus was to get the children thinking about things they are thankful for! The things they said they were thankful for were adorable!!! I then came home after work excited for the holiday weekend and ready to enjoy Thanksgiving Eve, with my little family and relaxing!!!! Daddy got chalk so we wrote down 6 things we were thankful for on our little chalkboard door!
1. Family
2. Grandparents
3. Turkey
4. Home
5. Holidays and
6. Being OFF WORK!

There are SO MANY more things we are thankful for! But thats all that fit on our board with my (Big) Handwriting! Here are a few examples of things we did both at Daycare and at home to show our Thankfulness :) <3 enjoy="" nbsp="" p="">

These are the Thankful "Hand" Turkeys :) 

This is what the Kids are "Thankful" For :) 

Kids Decorated and put their own Personal touches on their Turkeys!

This is my Family's Thankful Chalkboard :) 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Day In The Life Of Deanna..... Sunday November 24, 2013

Please forgive me I will probably forget something in this list of hours and things i"ve done today... After all there are not enough words to tell you what a full time mommy, business owner and student do in one day! And Sundays are my resting days LOL I do so much more during the week!

3:00am: Wake up to Screaming from my baby girl Azylen... Up go get her from her crib and bring her to bed with Mommy and Brooklyn....
3:15am: Brooklyn is running a temp again go to get the Tylenol, Give her a dose and force her to drink a glass full of gaterade
4:00 am : Easton Comes in to sleep with all of us: Its now Me, Brooklyn, Easton and Azylen all in my Queen Size bed, sleeping (Wouldn't have it any other way) I have my teeny tiny spot and enjoy cuddling with them all...
6:00 am: wake up Easton isn't in our bed anymore.... I hear chomping sounds as he comes flying back in the room. "Easton what are you eating?" Easton: "Lizzy's Cakes" "They're in my room under my bed" he crawls back into bed and toss...turn.....toss....turn.... AZYLEN IS UP :) well now there are two awake and all I wanted to do was sleep until 7 or something???? Azylen is still near but she is playing with something near my closet when up jumps Maddie (Our Golden Lab) Wines through the window and scares the Scream right out of Azylen who JUMPS back on the bed screaming "MOMMA!!!!!!!" Then she laughs when she realizes its just "PUPPY!!!!" and pointing then she needs to talk to Maddie... through the window... since nobody is listening Including Maddie she continues to get louder and louder... Until Easton Joins in!!! I guess its time to get up!!!!
6:15 Put in a load of laundry, check on Brooklyn who is moaning because she really wanted to sleep in! LOL
6:45 am: Breakfast time!!! its been decided we're having poptarts this morning!!! with a glass of milk.. Mommy gets everyone set up... Azylen decides she's going to sit on the floor to eat and make Chocolate milk with her pop tart! Proceeds to make quite the mess but she ate most of it :)
7:15am: Feed the Doggies Bronx, and Maddie. Mommy is sweeping the kitchen floor.... Spot Mopping up the milk from Azylen....
7:30 am: Looking up something on Pinterest to figure out what we should do today....
7: 45 am: Coffee.... Folding Laundry, put in a new load of laundry and strip Easton, Azylen, and my bed to wash (GETTING RID OF ALL THIS SICKNESS)
8:00am: Music comes on and I start to dance.... Kids dance with me :) Brooklyn goes to her room to start cleaning...
830 am: Thought I should start on my Family Christmas Letter for 2013!!! Got frustrated so I started Dusting, vaccuming and showing easton how to dust....Lizzy comes upstairs to help clean and dust :)
9:00am: Attempt to try something I found on Pinterest for my MIcrofiber couches.... Its ALOT of work and not sure if its working so I'll let it dry and see... before I do anymore...
9:45 am: Cleaning Easton and Azylens room, vaccume it. Brooklyn says her head hurts really bad, it hurts to walk so after looking at her rash (Developed Friday night) I decide she can have some motrin for her headache...
10:00 am: Still cleaning, music, dancing, sweep the kitchen floor again because Easton and Azylen were eating crackers and the little crumbs follow everywhere they went!!!! Check facebook to check out the latest news....
10:30am: Give Brooklyn her Second Dose of Antibiotics for STREP THROAT!
10:41am: Trying to secure a great substitute helper for daycare tomorrow as I'd like to continue monitoring Brooklyn until she is all better! Hope she can do it, but if she can't Cedric will be home I guess he is just as good :)
10:45am: Lizzy leaves us to go to work! Change Azylens diaper and get her dressed, Easton gets dressed, Brooklyn is still cleaning her room, I go downstairs to check on her... Cedric Calls he is going to the store and to get something to eat then he'll be on his way home!!! (WE haven't seen him since early Wednesday Morning!!!!!!!)
11:00am: Decided i needed to go to the store to get some more gaterade to continue pushing fluids in Brooklyn. Took Easton and Azylen with me :)
11:15am: Home, put Pizza in the oven for lunch, Laundry again!!!!! Picked up the living room (Didn't I already do this?) Brooklyn brings up her dirty clothes from her room (I WAS almost done... ) Send Brooklyn down with her clean clothes to put away... And take the OVERFLOWING basket of clean clothing to Easton and Azylens room to put away!
11:45am: Decided that I needed to continue my christmas letter for 2013.... stopped at Easton... I mean what can i say???? LOL1
12:00 pm: LAUNDRY, Pizza is smelling really good :) Kids are now watching some TV.. All of them cuddled up together on the couch I sure love these babies :) What would I do without them???? Enjoying my first cup of coffee (Yes I made it then I forgot about it!!!) Catch up on THIS post! Go to Work on my CDA Class :)
12:06: DIdn't I just tell you the Pizza smelled good???? Well its burnt... Story of my life :) Glad my kids still eat Burnt food because when mommy cooks thats what they get :P Easton is now up to the kitchen table drawing :) HE is so proud of his photo he hangs it on the Refrigerator!
12:08pm: Easton Helps me clean off the table, by coloring on his paper, finding the pizza cutter for me and then putting things away :) Has to show me all about his pictures!!!! "Mom did you see this???? I put my hand on there!" "Look Mom!!!" "Look at this color!!!" "I"m going to let these markers dry because I don't want them to be so hard!"
12:15pm: Eating our Pizza!
12:25pm: Brooklyn is cooking up a welcome home Surprise for daddy :) :) :) Easton wants to help but he just keeps getting frustrated because Brooklyn won't listen to his ideas... So mommy gets to deal with his newest temper tantrum.... Once he calms down he finally tells me that he really really really wants to "WElbomb daddy home too!!!!" he is appeased by letting him draw a picture for daddy!
12:30pm: Azylen and Easton down for nap, Deanna is Multi-tasking overseeing Brooklyns art, CDA Classes on Behavioral issues in children, and Cleaning my microfiber couch!!!! How do I do it you ask? I don't know it just happens.... Classes end up being longer than 1 hour though LOL!
1:00pm: Another load of laundry. Still trying to get Easton to take his nap. Brooklyn is still working on her picture for her daddy.
1:30 pm: Working on CDA, writing notes and Facebook as well inbetween slides: Just put out a question for the Pros/Cons of each town we are thinking about living in. Spearfish, Sturgis, BlackHawk, Hot Springs and LEad/Deadwood. Easton has finally closed his eyes and drifted off into a peaceful nap... Continuing my CDA Class like a good student :P
2:00 pm. CDA and facebook while kids nap. Brooklyn is watching Disney sitting next to me while I study.
3:00pm Laundry, and more CDA Work
3:30pm. Azylen and Easton are now up from their nap. All the kids are quiet and enjoying playing with dolls, and watching TV while mommy finishes up her CDA hour of Toileting/Toothbrushing and Handwashing! Catch up on this post. Tidying up the kitchen AGAIN, Living room AGAIn and getting ready for a great afternoon with my babies :)
3:50pm: Daddy is HOME!!!!! Music on, cleaning commences, Laundry continues, and Brooklyn's in the shower getting ready to get her Hair done
4:00 Enjoying daddy time! The kids are all over him! :) Putting groceries away, more laundry.
4:30: Lizzy is home from work and....The hair session Begins!!!! Little teeny tiny Mini braids all over her head... is the goal....
6:00: Dinner is ready Cedric made Chef Salad and Pizza!!! Its amazing that Easton likes salad!!! I've never seen a kid who enjoyed salad as much as him!!!
Back to Hair....  (Cinniman Rolls) Hair.... Hair.... DONE at 8:30pm!!!!
8:30pm: Wrap Brooklyns Hair for bedtime, Dress Easton and Azylen change diaper, Send them to daddy for goodnight love and he puts them to bed :) Its so nice to have him home!!!! Tuck Brooklyn in...
9:00 Putting sheets on my bed and making it, ONE MORE load of laundry for the night. CDA Classes time...
9:30pm: Trying to do CDA Classes, as Lizzy talks to me about the differences between her roses and mine... She is jealous my roses look better than hers... Then She PLUCKS one of my roses out of the vase and demands I find her a Clothes Pin so she can hang it upside down!!!! All the while I'm trying not to let her see what I am writing! Cedric is occupied putting a puzzle together...
9:44Pm: Lizzy is STILL not doing her homework she is currently pushing all the roses, "Have you ever noticed that roses have like branch things?" Haha "It looks Cool" Pushes papers and her mountain dew away and then says "These things are distracting me so I'm moving them!" (I wonder why again do I wait till the kids are asleep to do My CDA? Lizzy is just as needy as the kids!

LOL Jk Anyways I've gotten 3 classes done today I'm proud, Laundry is almost caught up, Couch is cleaner, house is vaccumed and I feel good!!! I shall go to bed now! :) I love being a mom! I love being me! Thank you for reading a day in the Life of Deanna....

Sunday, November 17, 2013


I've struggled with depression on and off all my life... its just something thats always been there in the bottom of my being somewhere... its funny because when people see me or hear about my struggles with this Emotional disturbance, they're often very surprised. At any rate for some reason Its normally this time of year that I start to just feel really down... Nothing in particular ever happened in November that makes me sad.... I just always get this overwhelming want to cry, take some time off just to sleep, hide away from the rest of the world and just hibernate for a bit.... Does anyone else get this way? Its not just November sometimes it just creeps up on me and it lasts an hour, sometimes a few days, weeks but EVERY year its definitely there at some point in November... its true I've written it down in my journals...

I feel really odd confessing this. But depression is no joke, it makes you feel down, unworthy, paranoid, sad, emotional, makes you wonder what you're doing with life, or if you're doing it right... Most of the time depression makes you feel like you can't do anything right, and that anytime someone tries to talk to you (With Good Intentions) You feel like they're picking on you, judging you and telling you that you're just not doing it right, or its not good enough...

When you write something like "Behind this smile...." or "I smile but...." I know exactly how you feel I do the same thing. its really hard for me to write this, its like i'm admitting my biggest weakness. I have a fear of judgement or people looking at me differently. But with all the suicide and the HUGE amount of depression both treated and untreated all around us, I thought I'd reach out, I suffer from it too! I have thought about a life without me in it... (Not recently) But I did get that bad... I was so "Proud" that I couldn't tell anyone just how bad I felt so I went untreated for a long time until I actually scared myself. Thats when I got help and OMG that was so hard to admit...

The truth is you don't really fool anyone... But you definitely shouldn't fool yourself. It happens to the best of us... It could happen on whats supposed to be the best day of the year... For whatever reason it happens I just need you to know you're not alone. I don't know who will read this but I hope if you do you realize that when you're feeling down and out, upset, sad, depressed you have people you can call, and if pride is keeping you from it, just don't let it get so bad you hurt the ones who love you the most by punishing them with the loss of you... Suicide is selfish, it proves nothing, It just hurts everyone.  We've lost too many already to suicide... I've lost a few great friends, people I loved so much. Its the hardest thing... there are no answers... there are always questions and there is always someone who feels just like you or has at one time in life..... The storm will calm down, life will continue, eventually you'll wonder why you felt so bad... But living is the only way to go... No matter how bad it feels now, it will get better.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Daycare.... :)

I have to say out of all the jobs I've ever done Daycare has definitely made me VERY happy :) I get to be home, I have no limits, I am my own boss, I make my own rules and the BEST part about it is I get to be home or wherever I hold daycare with MY CHILDREN :) :):)  The days are always Challenging and you NEVER know what will happen that day! I have to say I've had the pleasure of watching kids grow from infants, to Toddlers, toddlers to Preschoolers and preschoolers to school age! I have watched just about EVERY single milestone progress into the next milestone! I have been here for these babies and am trusted by them... I have endless opportunities to further my education in this field... I can be family, group or center... Its so amazing to have this job!

I have met many many other women, and men alike whom work with children as well, I love getting new ideas, advice and words of wisdom from all of them... and I love being able to help others who have any questions or ask advice as well.  I am including my Pinterest file on this blog to show you all the awesome ideas i've gotten.... When you go to my profile check out all the boards but the ones i'm talking about are under the LLDP boards :) :) :) Let me know what you think.... OH and I need all the followers I can get! If you'd like to follow my blog please do :) I would love to have more followers!!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Crafty Me? Or Not?

I've ALWAYS wanted this Craft room, one with all these beautiful surfaces for crafts, sewing, organizing and doing scrapbooks and so much more!!!! I crave to love doing crafts and have my own separate area just for my crafts!!!! I also always thought I would be this awesome crafty mom.... More and more I find myself NOT doing crafts and the area for crafts and the (Space) for me is not used.... I get there, I organize it and I get all excited to start using it.... and it sits..... and sits.... until I have to go down and organize it again because things got piled up.... AGAIN.... Will i ever be a crafty mom? Will I ever find the time to do all these great crafts I want to do with my children.... I crave a bad winter where we're all stuck inside and that will be motivation to go use my room full of stuff to do crafts..... But there keeps being nice days where I want to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and do outdoor physical activities with the kids.... and when there IS bad days... we don't craft...... This is something I really want to do so I will focus on getting more crafting done in days to come with my children!!!!! Its a pet peeve really.... that I don't do things i've been excited to do since becoming a mommy..... Really though I need to start doing crafts in my "Craft room, office, ect..." its just something that HAS To start being a ritual.....

Okay enough rambling again when this starts I will take photos for my blog to show that I have in fact started crafting, in my long dreamed for craft area..... LOL Wish me luck!

Sunday Happiness :)

So my husband was supposed to leave us again today to head to work and work until we would see him next saturday morning.... I was really upset that I spent my entire ONE DAY with him in Bed with a terrible headache, and body aches :( Sleeping most of the day and not doing anything fun with him or my family.... BUT This morning as I got up fully prepared to help him pack and give him lots of kisses for his journey, he told me he doesn't have to go today!!!!! Imagine my excitement.... So I started Cleaning, got my area set up for my CDA Classes, Got the kids started on projects, listened to music with my husband, and just enjoyed having my family near me :) :) :) Its so nice to have him home one more day :) :) :)

Did I mention Pinterest has become my new favorite addiction???? I can't wait to start trying all these new great things.... Also I only have 56 more hours of classes for my CDA, Seems like i'm going really slow! Hope to pick up the pace ASAP!

First thing i'm going to do off pinterest is Clean my Microfiber Couch!!!!! Thats right I have FINALLY found something that Might work.... I'll post before and after photos with the LINK to Robins Blog which I found this neat new trick! I've been studying it in-between studying my CDA.... and its going to work I just know it! Mom and Dad will have the kids as I work VERY hard to get this couch and loveseat CLEAN for the first time since they were handed down to us LOL

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Road That Led Me Here........

What do I want to be when I grow up? And the road that led me here......

So many options, so many possibilities. A counselor, teacher, event planner, daycare manager, photographer, accountant, stay at home mommy, blogger........

What led me here? 2003 when I graduated high school they said follow your dreams, reach for the stars. I went to college at Black Hills State University to be a high school counselor, it was my dream job. I worked part time as a daycare provider in the toddler room with 5 little people, and was in the college dance team. It didn't take long before I was bored and unchallenged at my job, and I was trying everything to pass my classes but flunked out my first semester. I had never experienced flunking or failing at anything in my life thus far it was scary, new and disturbing to me. I moved home at Christmas break, started paying rent for a place to live with my boyfriend and got a job at a local gas station KJ's. It didn't take me any longer than 4 months to realize gas stations were not my cup of tea. I loved my regulars, enjoyed visiting and learned how to work a till and count money REALLY FAST, I knew this was not what I wanted to do the rest of my life. I got a job at the Bennett County Courthouse as a secretary I absolutely loved my job working with 4-H and answering phone calls and typing really fast, I was always asking for more to do but again I became unchallenged and my family was pushing me to just get out of Martin lol! I got online to and decide I was going to be a nanny!!! Within 3 months I had job offers in 5 different states!!!! I was looking at Montana, Texas, Florida, Virginia, and New York. I picked Virginia with the help of my Grandpa Bill who said Texas has tornados, Florida has hurricanes, New York is crazy, so my choices were Montana and Virginia. So January 2005 I moved to Virginia as a nanny. I was a nanny for 4 months and then moved to a town about an hour away and got a job as a Hostess at Logan's Roadhouse!!!! I Loved my job and the variety of people I came into contact with!  I really did enjoy my job there but I was constantly looking to pick up hours and get a raise because I just wasn't getting enough to pay the bills and also I just knew I still wanted to be a counselor. In October 2005 I landed what became my favorite and least favorite job this far!!!! I became a Residential Advisor (RA) at Old Dominion Job Corps Center. When I look back I still smile... The direct people I worked with were AWESOME and still to this day are considered friends! To the students I was their adult figure, their mentor, their confident, their "person", I was there to guide them and help them make decisions, and learn from mistakes, as well as to compete with other dorms to get the Highest dorm cleaning score!!! Contrary to what I believed before I took this job the job corps is not really just for "bad kids" or kids who are Labeled "troublemakers" In all actuality, while there are challenging cases these young adults were just misguided, took a different road, had a different life than most, most were there to get their education, to get a trade and get started on a new road with a more positive outcome. I felt more like a counselor at this job than the counselors who were actually there. I knew each and every child all (45-75) from my dorm(s)  I knew their goals and aspirations. I knew a lot of their personal journey and gave out advice to so many.... sometimes they even gave me advice... After all I had become a first time mommy in the midst of this job and had tons of questions... 50% of the girls here had a child or children so they were great help :)  Oh did I tell you I was a stay at home mom for 6 months after Brooklyn was born. I thought I was going to lose my mind... I quit my job at the job corps in 2008 when the hours of my job got in the way of my family... I got a job at the Lynchburg General Hospital as a Health Unit Coordinator. OH MY GOSH I loved that job too!! A whole lot less stress, but stressful enough to keep me challenged! I thought maybe i'd do that for life.... But then we moved back home to Martin in 2011 where I craved being with my children more and others children.... I became a child care provider and thats what I still do today! Now I am faced with moving again.... Deciding yet again.... What do I want to be when I grow up?!?!?! for now I'm going to be a stay at home mommy.... But when that is over I will either be a counselor or a Health Unit Coordinator! As I LOVED both jobs SO MUCH! But then there are all the other things I listed at the beginning of this post..... do you see where I am lost??? LOL This was a fun post to write. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Community Events Questionnaire PLEASE RESPOND

Our FIRST Martin City Day In the Park was held September 7, 2013. The turnout was AWESOME, better than expected and so FUN!!!! Everyone I had talked to said they are very excited for next year and that this would be a great annual event for Martin! I know my last post was about moving away... DO NOT WORRY I will continue to do the ANNUAL Adult Winter Formal and the ANNUAL Martin City Day in the Park! I absolutely LOVED doing these things for the town of Martin and our community.

MARK your Calendars for February 15th, 2014 2nd Annual Adult Winter Formal. All proceeds will be given to the American Legion Post #240. Everything is still in the planning stages.... Do we serve a formal meal or no? Do we want a Band or a DJ? What Kinds of Decorations will we have this year?!?!? What will I wear?!?! Should it be a VALENTINES day Theme???? LOL So with that being said ANY comments on this subject for Ideas, or people you may think might be able to help me out let me know! This is going to be a BLAST, dress up in your best.... Or don't... But its more fun if you do :) Take this one time of the year to get all beautiful, get your hair, make up and nails done... Go tan... Remember your High School Prom?!?! Now we get one as adults :) :) :)

IN this Post I need you to comment:

1. What did you like best about the first Annual Martin City Day IN the Park?

2. What would you like to see next year?!?!

3. Do you have any ideas or want to help with the Winter Formal This year?!?!?!

THANK YOU :) I can't wait!!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

And the world turns again.....

So we have made it official now our family will be moving again. This time closer to my husbands job. It will be nice to be near to my husband and we will definitely get to see him more now. But I can't help but feel a little list in my own life plans..... I thought I had finally found what I loved doing most as a job as a daycare provider. But I'm not sure I want to start all over again with this business. I've been told I can be a stay at home mom and this is both exciting is horrifically scary!!!! I can see great things and then I know myself..... I guess we will see how I do with this new life starting in June. Maybe I'll become a full time blogger, event planner, and mommy. Some photography on the side and watch someone else's children once in a while..... I can't et over the feeling that I'm giving up on everything I've worked so hard for the last 3 years.... But then I keep thinking all the money I've actually raised will go to an awesome business/club in our community that really deserves it! There is so much more I'm worried about but for now I'll just keep working on making my last little bit of time with these awesome small human beings the best so try remember me as the bestest babysitter they've ever had!!! :p until then I plan to finish my CDA (Child Development Associates) and maybe I'll be the director of a daycare center when I'm finished with the whole stay at home mom bit! Lol hope you're having a Great day.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

48 Things You Never Knew About Me!

I found this on someone else's blog and thought I'd like to do it! Thank you Kate P. for your idea!!!!


Yes, My name is Deanna (Dean) Grandpa Dean Smith, Father Troy DEAN Smith, (Anna) My mother Anna! :) I know there were more my  mom has written in my baby book! But these are the three I can remember right off hand!


Well I've always been a very emotional person so I cry when I'm happy, mad, sad, LOL The last time I cried was last night!


Yes I do :)


I love cotto salami, pickled bologna, and turkey :)


Well I have 3 biological children: Brooklyn 6, Easton 3, and Azylen 1. Then I have 10 or more children that I consider a HUGE part in my life!!! LOL But only three of them are with me 24/7!


Totally! I think i am a pretty great friend :)


I like to kid around alot and sometimes! But I don't like the whole meaning of sarcasm.




Honestly probably not now.... Before I became a mother I would have I loved doing things like that but now i get stuck with all the what ifs.... and who would take care of them if I had an accident?


 LOL well i do if my children are watching because I don't want them to not untie their shoes.... But if they're not looking i don't LOL is that bad?


Tootie Fruitys,

 yes, I am pretty strong in my faith, my views, my priorities.... Physically I would say no but then considering i gave birth to three children, I would say YES! :)


Vanilla, because I can put whatever I feel like at that moment on it!


Whether they are smiling or not!




Physically: Love Handles.... Other than that I am pretty happy with myself :)


I miss alot of people.... I miss my father the most just want his grandchildren to meet him!


Less getting upset with my children and more understanding where they are coming from or why they are doing something in particular.

I'm not wearing any shoes.

Speghetti, peas and milk

The dishwasher, washing machine and complete quiet while the kids are sleeping for nap.

 Green :)


 Rain, Fresh cut grass, Wet dirt, and mangos!


They are more important now than they were 6 years ago... But still not my life...


 Both sound amazing but if i had to choose it would be the mountain hideaway




 My hair is natural its reddish brown with blonde, black and red highlights.






so many.... But all time is mashed potatoes, or spaghetti!


I love happy endings :)


Safe Haven



I Like both to an extent my favorites are fall and spring.


 Coffee Cake, Oreos.


 Cardio :)



Taking Care of Me By MK Mueller!

 No mouse just my labtop!


Children Laughing/giggling

 I don't have a favorite I love it all!!!!!

1600 miles living away from home.... Florida is probably the furthest though!


I think i have many talents! I'm a super hero! LOL

Gordon Nebraska!

Martin, South Dakota!

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Taking Care of Me......

Just 19 pages into the book, its made me think alot! Why am I the way I am? Who do I give credit to? What would I tell others about me? And who I am, or why I am the way I am?

MK Mueller has on page 19 are you: BC or AD? Unhappy, negative attitude individuals live in B.C. (Blaming and Complaining) "If only he..." "If only She...." or "if only They...." thoughts cloud their vision and distract them from their dreams. They give away their power by believing they have none.... Am I in this category!!!! If I was to answer NO that could be a lie! I do sometimes live in B.C.! I do have moments in my day that I start blaming or complaining.... about anything really.... If only Azylen would have slept all night I would have slept better, If only they would stop throwing out the Racism card our community would be better..... and on and on and on... For the most part though i Live in A.D. (Act and Dream) Happy, positive attitude individuals live in A.D. Whenever something does not go as planned in their lives they Act and get back on track, and/or Dream and visualize what they want to manifest.

If Someone were to ask me why my life is like it is, I would most likely tell them.....

Deanna: I would most likely tell people my life is the way it is because I wanted it to be the way it is... I knew what I wanted in life, I didn't get here happy all the time and the road was rough.... I'm not where I want to be so I continue to go go go! My life is the way it is through my experiences good and bad! I learned from everything I've gone through in my life....

How much of the time am I in B.C.?

Deanna: I do have my B.C. days and I try to stay away from them as much as possible... when I am in B.C. mode I don't feel good, about myself, my life or anything around me.... When I get into B.C. mode I fear I am getting depressed and I try hard as I can to try and get back to feeling good!!! The Three thinks I am grateful for everyday has helped with this and I will do them anytime I start feeling like i'm getting into the B.C. mode LOL

"Pain is required, Suffering is Optional.."

Truly happy individuals are far from selfish. Shelfishness is defined as "Showing care only for oneself." Take time now to write out the names of 5 of the happiest people you have met. They may be living or have passed on.

1. Uncle Kenny Sargent.
2. Uncle Lyle Haynes
3. My Mom
4. Mr. Smith
5. Connie Jones :)

I will leave you with this... HOw would you answer these questions? Are you living in B.C or A.D.? Are you trying to make others happy before making yourself happy? Do you realize that you cannot in fact make anyone else any more happy if you're not happy yourself?

This is the Life :)

My Name is Deanna Coleman, I am a mother of THREE beautiful Children! I am the wife of an awesome and purpose driven husband! I am a Daughter, sister, Auntie, Friend, and I am AWESOME!

My Job is a Daycare Provider of 10 more Amazing little children! I get to see them grow, learn, and Play! I get to see them both at their worst and their best!
My Most important job though is being a mommy.... I have a 6 year Old daughter who just completed the 1st grade with PERFECT ATTENDANCE!!!!! She loves to dance, write, color, do anything involving art, and watch TV! She is so very friendly and growing up so fast!  I have a 3 year old son, who is equally amazing! He is talking so much, he enjoys seeing his friends everyday but lets me know through frustration when he has had enough! I work on him with Sharing and being nice and then realize that in fact he is sharing every day! He has to share his mommy, his toys, his life with all these other kids, I suppose that is very stressful and frustrating at times, he does pretty good! I have a 1 year old Daughter who is just learning to walk! She is talking, saying many different words, Expressions are priceless, she is very smart!

My hobbies include: Community Service, Making others see the potential in themselves, pushing others to give it their all and realize that their happiness is all up to them! I love to dance, sing, play, stretch, walk, and Run (This is something I do in my head right now) LOL. I love meeting new people... although upon becoming a mother I have a very hard time meeting new people.... its an unexpected fall back, but i'm working on that!

My fears include cram packed rooms... (Of people), Losing someone (I go overboard on this one), Hurting someones feelings, not living up to my own expectations of myself.

My favorite colors are: green, Pink and Purple, blue, well I pretty much LOVE all colors!

My husband along with being my best friend is also my motivator! I can get down and he picks me up and throws me back into life! :P He is a Flight Paramedic for Black Hills Life Flight! He is the Base Manager there. He is a photographer, teacher, music fanatic, and loves to be free! He loves to take risks and strive for the best he can be! I've never met a man as strong as he is! He of course made his life, he made mistakes, he had his whole world fall over top of him, and then he picked himself up piece by piece and made himself better than he's ever been in his life! I love him so very much!

This life I live, is the LIFE! Its awesome! Its perfect! We all have our ups and downs but the downs make me stronger, they give me purpose to strive to jump higher! I appreciate the downs and I love the ups! I learn everyday through others, through my own experiences! I CHOOSE TO LOVE MY LIFE as it is! I choose to work hard to make it even more AWESOME!

Just thought I'd let you know a little more about myself and my life :) Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Pouty Blog......

You know I have alot of friends..... but not.... I have a lot of people 100's of people I call my friends but I don't have any friends..... Make any sense? LOL

I am home finally got the kids to sleep and I feel like hanging out with a friend.... My only friend that would be here at the drop of a dime is working..... I'm not sure how i'm feeling a little friendless I guess :) I don't really hang out with anyone except my parents, my children, My husband and the daycare kids, and every other week I have a playdate and we meet up.... But other than that I don't hang out with anyone on a regular basis! I miss having a best girlfriend to spend the night with or to come spend the night with me.... To ride bikes with, eat with, hang out.... I haven't really had that at all since I graduated high school 10 years ago! We all went our separate ways! Then in Virginia I had a great friend that I couldn't be separated from and then we started having kids and we haven't seen each other in years!!!

I have many friends I could call on the phone and talk to for hours! But noone to be here..... hmmmm Just my thought for the night.... I guess when your married and have children you don't really get to have that kind of friendship anymore with anyone except your spouse.... Whom I love by the way but he's working and I want a girl friend to do stuff with :P Pouting Blog.... Guess i'll have to work harder on this....

I guess when i think about what I want.... I want a friendship like I remember my mom and Aunt Betty having.... All of us kids would play for hours and our moms did everything together.... I want that.


Sitting here waiting for the last child of 10 to fall asleep so that I can go start my second round of  cleaning the kitchen, dishes, mopping, washing down tables and chairs and high chairs, laundry and straightening up stuff for the afternoon! I'm thinking......

"If only I had time to journal, I may have a separate journal for each part of me, my own personal thoughts, Brooklyn's, Easton's, and Azylens daily doings, milestones, things they say or do!, a daycare one because if I wrote down everything they say that may be an awesome thing to had them when they leave me to go to school full time...... If only I had time"

Then I start thinking......

"We'll if I had time I think before I write the journals I'd have to catch up on the past four years of scrapbooks!!!!! I'd have to Start Easton's and Start Azylens, and catch up on the rest...." 

If you know my family, or better if you know my mother.... She has a journal and a scrapbook for all of us kids!!!!! She is superwoman..... I need to figure out how to do that.... At any rate now I'm going to be on a mission to get those totes full of stuff for scrapbooks out of my office!!!!! 

I need like two weeks of just scrapbooking time and ill get it all done! Anyone want to volunteer to take over my children and daycare while I take a two week vacation of scrapbook catch up?!?!?!? Lol

Friday, May 10, 2013

Taking Care of ME!

Taking Care of Me: The Habits of Happiness By: Mary Kay Mueller.

I have to say before I start that this woman is amazing.... I admire her and thank her very much for many of my thoughts and feelings, truths and path in the last few weeks..... I had already been on the path i'm going now, but she inspired me to go BIGGER, do MORE, enjoy it more and remember to take care of myself while I'm on my mission of helping others...... I am so blessed to have met her in person! I wish I could have sat down and talked to her for a few whole days or weeks! She just radiates her passion and her awesomeness......

So I am 8 pages into this book (Which I HIGHLY recommend!) and I've come across the first things I want to blog about..... YOUR POWER>....... HMMMM Did you know you have powers? They are SUPER powers and we all have them! I know I have power I have seen it work in many ways.... Through me and through others I've talked to.... I'm not trying to sound all high and mighty.... I'm actually talking about the power to choose.... Choose what you want with your life, choose your own path.... This POwer is YOURS you should never give it away unless it helps with your happiness and even then you don't give that thing/person all your power becuase again this is YOUR power :)

Okay I'll get to it..... This was my post on Facebook this morning:

  • Who do you give your Personal Power away to? I ask this because its so easy to give your power away..... Did you know that NOONE absolutely NO ONE other than yourself affects your happiness?!?!?!? You can not blame ANYONE other than yourself if you're happy, unhappy, sad, ect.... Everything in life is a choice..... IE: This morning I woke up, I was kind of moody, Had been up most of the night with Azylen who is not feeling well, Had to say goodbye again to my hubby leaving to work, the kids wouldn't get up and get ready fast enough....... I was kind of a sour puss this morning.... THEN I realized.... THE SUN IS SHINING!, My children are BEAUTIFUL and healthy! Azylen is STILL smiling even though she was up all night uncomfortable and sick.... My husband HAS A JOB! Any why am I rushing the kids anyway?!?!? I had given my power away to all these things that I was CHOOSING to be unsatisfied with when in all actuality I could have chosen to be happy about all the things i just listed!!!!! SO again.... WHO are you giving your personal power to? Your spouse? Your partner? Your Boss? Your bf/gf?, Children? Friends? Think about it..... Don't forget to do your three gratitudes today!!!!! :) I had 10 today!!!!!
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    • Deanna Coleman What Changes would YOU like to see in YOUR life? and WHere could you be more honest with yourself? With others?

      DEANNA: What Changes would you like to see in your life:
      1. I'd like to stop rushing so much
      2. I'd like to get back in shape
      3. I'd like to get MORE mommies at  the mommy & Me PLaydate's
      4. I'd like to get my Daycare Center up and running!
      5. I'd like to dance again :) 
      6. I want more common friends with my husband so we can get together much like: Friends or How I met your mother......
      7. I would like to have more energy
      8. I would like to spend more time with my children.
      9. I'd like to enjoy getting up earlier in the morning.
      10. I'd like to live each day feeling like I made a difference! Left my footprints in the sand and will be remembered for being awesome!

      DEANNA: Where could you be more honest with yourself? With Others?
      This is hard for me.... I should take care of myself better..... I should realize that caffeine in the amount I drink it is unhealthy.... I should remember to always take my Thyroid medication and stop missing days..... I have the time I want with my children I just need to use it better and stop being such a worry wart.... Stop being in such a hurry with everything! 

      TO Others: I'm not Always happy! Even though I try to make everyone believe i'm happy all the time, I'm having an awesome life.... Its not true! I DO Choose to be happy as much as possible but I'm not perfect I do let things get to me that shouldn't, I let things people say get to me, I FEEL pain that didn't even happen to me! I FEEL things for other people IE: If you share with me something that is bothering you.... I TRULY feel it as you do! Its either a gift or a curse! My counselor told me this is what would make me an amazing counselor someday! OH And I cry when I watch shows or movies that make me sad.... and sometimes when I know I just need a good cry I look for a show that makes me cry and cry! LOL 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Some thoughts on Death.......

So Not only did I think of my daddy last night after I saw a motorcycle I also got a visit from him in my dream last night.... It was so nice to see him again! And while I should feel better because I got to see him..... I feel a little sad and just kinda having a hard time getting up for the day.... I am not sure why this is so upsetting for me at this particular moment, I mean I think of him at least once a day or every few days and smile :) I know he's up there watching over me, but I just feel sad.... I guess thats okay as long as its done after a few hours :P

I just got to thinking about all the nice things that were done for our family The next two weeks after my fathers unexpected death.... I just can't remember if I ever said thank you..... so then I started thinking about all these people who were there for me, and my family and I get to trying to remember if I did thank them????? Am I crazy, because I can't remember if I thanked everyone going on 13 years ago?!??! So I want to thank you again.... There were so many of you that were there, you comforted my grandmother and grandfather, my Fathers sisters and Brothers, My mom and Step mother and us (His children) I used to think of only the parts I didn't like.... Which was pretty much all of it! I hated the fact that he was gone! I didn't like the way he left, I felt embarrassed, sad, and really PISSED off....There is a lot that is still a blur, like either I was just removed from my body at that time or maybe i just shoved it deep down inside me and its not ready to come to surface yet!  I hated that people would say "They're Sorry" (To this day I TRY not to ever say that to anyone grieving.... I am sorry too, but I hate when someone just says "I'm sorry for your loss") I was 15 years old when my father passed away..... I had just written him a letter asking him why he was never there.... Why I saw him drive by on his motorcycle but he didn't stop? Didn't he love me? Didn't he want to spend time with me???? Why did he tell me he was coming but then wouldn't come? I had so much pain and I was so mad with him.... I wrote him this letter and then He died..... and then My Step brother blamed me and said that it was my fault he got drunk that night!!!!! It was my fault, "He was SO UPSET when he read your letter!" "You hurt his feelings very bad"

I held on to this guilt for so long!!!! I killed my father.... I killed my father by telling the truth about how I felt..... :(

Since then..... I have learned alot about my father, about the things he did and the things he saw, and went through.... He was a Vietnam Veteran! He was a Husband to three beautiful women, (Different times of course) He was the Father to four beautiful children. He had alot of great qualities about him, and there was so much he probably wishes he could do again.... or do over. I love my father regardless of how much he was here for me, or what happened... that is in the past, i love him for giving me life.... For giving me the opportunity to live and make this beautiful family of mine. Theres so much more I could say about him.... I could talk about him for days.... Theres still so much I DON"T know about him....

I love to listen to stories about my father, as a child, a teenager, a man..... I love hearing about him and what he really was before the Alcohol and the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.....  Even during that time, he was quite an interesting man :)

Because of my father I have a passion for helping others, for promoting "No Drinking and Driving" for helping others through depression and for being a role model to young adults who may have every reason to go down the wrong path..... I have a passion to help.... before its too late.

Well I don't know where this Blog Article was supposed to go, now that I read back it has many directions.... All about my father but to sum it up.... I feel sad today, I miss him very much, THANK YOU so much if you were here for us during his death, and funeral and after, Guilt, and help.....

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Birthdays (for the child or the parent?)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!!!! Is a Birthday party really a celebration for the child or is it for the parent?!?!?! I mean they don't really care about a party until they're about 3 so .......

Easton Turned 3 Last Thursday!!!! My baby boy is now 3 years old!!! NOW whoever said that 2 was the "Terrible 2's" Must have been crazy! As soon as Easton turned 3 he has been CRAZY and mean!!!! One would even say out of control! Now he wasn't quite an angel at 2 either but he's definately taken a new light to the term "Terrible" LOL Now i get upset over it but in a few years I'll be laughing and wishing he was still this ornery innocent little boy!!!! So I'm going to enjoy it, although he's still going to get punished :P

Azylen then turned 1 last FRIDAY!!!!!! She is already the baby, gets away with everything and is ornery but (so cute) LOL I think i've got my hands full!!!! So their birthday party is this Sunday and Easton is SUPER excited to see all his friends and they're going to "Play in my Farm" in Eastons Words.... Azylen however has no idea! She doesn't care whether she has a party or not! But she's going to love digging into a cake!!!!

NOW Being the MOM and super Planner I am I started planning their birthday party last year........... Started is the key word... LOL So this Sunday is the party and MOMMY AKA Super Planner is Nowhere CLOSE to being ready LOL..... Theres SO much to do and its past crunch time LOL Why oh why do I do this? I think I totally get it from my mother! Thank you ANNA HAYNES LOL
At any rate whether we have paper Plates and forks and pretty cake or decorations is not the point the point is my babies got another year older and I (THATS RIGHT ME!) I survived the WHOLE year without throwing them off the deck :) I'm pretty proud! Now..... onto the next year. hahaha

If I had No Fear, What would I do?

So one of the things that MK Mueller said at the South Dakota Early Childhood Conference a couple weekends ago was: If I had NO Fear What would I do????

Well Think about that..... If you really had NO Fear What would you do?

There is so much things I don't do because, number 1 I don't want to and number 2 I'm afraid given my family history I'll like it too much.... Ie: Drink, Drugs, ect....

But I don't think she was referring to these things.... If I had no Fear What would I do?

1. I would take my family and just go, we'd travel the world in our vehicle, camp and work when we needed more money..... (Wouldn't that be fun?!?!)

2. I would probably start speaking as a motivational speaker, I'd speak to everyone about things that are hard to talk about, motivate them, inspire them, show them they are so much more than they could have ever dreamed..... You know I'd probably want to start, and end on the reservations.... I want and see so much they can do, I wish they could see the potential in their land and themselves! I want to inspire the younger generation and my generation to do something different..... to start making a difference.

3. If I had no fear, I'd probably do quite a bit more things than I do now, I wouldn't feel like I had limits and had to stay within those limits.... I wouldn't care what people thought or if they were mad at me.... You know this is one of the biggest flaws I have about myself is worrying too much about how others FEEL about what I do or say.... Its not that I don't tell them anyway but I fear that they'll be mad at me for one reason or another for saying the wrong thing.... I like to tell people the truth, or how I see things.... I like to make people feel better :) I like to make them see there are other ways to get what they want.... and that they should NEVER give up on their life, their dreams, and their desires....

4. I'd stop thinking so much :) LOL

HMMM I'm sure there are so many more things i'd do if I had no fear but I'll have to think even more.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Inspiration and Motivation

As you know I attended the South Dakota Early Childhood Education conference in Pierre SD last weekend! I told you about it some and how excited I was about the opportunity! I took my Employee Sue and my niece Amber with me! We had a great time! The roads were very icy wednesday night when we went! I tell you I got some new driving experience on Black Ice! Scary!!!! But we enjoyed our trip none-the-less.

MK Mueller the author of "8 to Great" and "Taking Care of Me" was amazing! She inspired me to KEEP GOING on my dream and not to give up no matter how tough the road is. The road will be bumpy, twist unexpectadly and make you choose between forks but eventually if I want it bad enough and I keep dreaming and working at it I will get it :)  I purchased her books and workbook and plan to not only implement her plans in my personal life, but also in my Business and the "Mommy & Me Playdates"!!!! One great thing I have started since her keynote is saying and writing down my gratitudes everyday! The challenge is to think of three things everyday that I am grateful for  without ever repeating them again! So I have been doing this myself, with my husband and my two older children (6) and (2).

Denita Dinger was also an awesome Keynote and I have definately started implementing her works into my home life as a mother and at the daycare!!!! LET THEM PLAY! Quit stopping them from making a mess, or doing something that we don't always see as "Right" or doing it the "Right way" Ask the children "What are you doing?" and observe them! Quit having to stick to Schedule and plans! Let them show you what to do today after all everything they do is a learning experience and when they play they learn so much more than when you do a "worksheet" or Structured lesson plan.

There was so much I learned! I connected with toy companies, Outside play equipment companies and other child friendly initiatives in South Dakota! I expressed my plan for a daycare center and all of them were very encouraging! I attended workshops learning more about South Dakota Rules and Regulations for Home daycare and daycare centers and best of all I networked with other child care providers, specialists, and headstart professionals all across the state! I even met an awesome woman who has a daycare center and started from the ground up just like I plan to do! She encouraged me that i don't have to go non-profit! and she would definately be interested in visiting with me more on what to do NEXT! Or what she did and her journey! She had an awesome attitude!

With this being said I feel Inspired and motivated! I can't wait to find that PERFECT building and start! and I may start as a Group Family Daycare Center first and work up to Daycare center when I get enough interest! So with Group family I can still add employees and I will be adding 8 more spots to the daycare! The licensing process is much like applying for a center and then when I get that done becoming a center is just one step or less away!!!! I just need to find a building and start working on it! When you're going through things at home keep me in mind! I'll need many things from Kitchen Appliances, high Chairs, Chairs, Tables, and Toys ect..... Keep me in mind! I am sorry I hadn't updated here for awhile I've been really busy with paperwork and playing with kids :) or Observing them :) They're starting to wake up from their naps now so I'll let you go! I hope you're having an awesome week!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My beautiful Girl!!!!!


She'll be 7 soon! I can't believe how fast the time has gone!
The Things she is currently looking forward to:
1. School Ending
2. Perfect Attendance
3. Trip to Virginia this summer
4. 2nd Grade
5. Dance :)

Hanging an ornament Dec. 2012

Showing me her new smile with less teeth :)

Brother and Daddy picked her up from school with TREATS :)

She was younger than Easton in this photo! almost 2 years old!
So precious!

3 Years Old :)
2 Years Old

Toe Nails with mommy
:) <3 2005="" :="" girl="" had="" has="" heart="" my="" nbsp="" october="" p="" since="" this="">

The Past..... and the future......

Listening to the sounds around me.... Such beautiful children just resting and enjoying their naps.... I have been babysitting for a LONG time now.... It shows you see, when I go to different things like for instance, last Saturday at the PROM!!!! There were quite a few young adults there that I used to babysit!!!! Well as you all know i'm NOT old, by any means so this can only mean one thing.....

"Enjoy them now because they'll never be this small again!"

"They grow up so fast!!!!"

"They'll be Graduated and out of the house 
before you know it!"

These are photos of just a FEW of the kids I used to babysit! I have photos of them all when they were much smaller.... when they looked up to me! And we used to act silly and play and have fun! And NOW look at them!!!!!!!   So again.... I'm sitting here listening to the steady restful breathing of these beautiful babies.... Some of them i've had since they were 6 months old, some of them I've had since the day I opened my Daycare.... I don't know where their paths will take them, I don't know what they'll grow up to be, or what they'll look like at their prom.... But one thing you can be sure of, I was part of their life and I hope to be for the rest of their lives :) I feel so proud to have babysat for these wonderful families and to see the kids I cared and care for all grown up and awesome!!!!!

The Time you Thought the Straightner was Pliers, and the Perfume was a water bottle and the Hair Dryer was a gun!.....

Halloween 2012!

Taking care of the Baby! 

I don't want you to grow up! But I can't wait to see what you'll do and where you'll go :)