Monday, May 13, 2013

Pouty Blog......

You know I have alot of friends..... but not.... I have a lot of people 100's of people I call my friends but I don't have any friends..... Make any sense? LOL

I am home finally got the kids to sleep and I feel like hanging out with a friend.... My only friend that would be here at the drop of a dime is working..... I'm not sure how i'm feeling a little friendless I guess :) I don't really hang out with anyone except my parents, my children, My husband and the daycare kids, and every other week I have a playdate and we meet up.... But other than that I don't hang out with anyone on a regular basis! I miss having a best girlfriend to spend the night with or to come spend the night with me.... To ride bikes with, eat with, hang out.... I haven't really had that at all since I graduated high school 10 years ago! We all went our separate ways! Then in Virginia I had a great friend that I couldn't be separated from and then we started having kids and we haven't seen each other in years!!!

I have many friends I could call on the phone and talk to for hours! But noone to be here..... hmmmm Just my thought for the night.... I guess when your married and have children you don't really get to have that kind of friendship anymore with anyone except your spouse.... Whom I love by the way but he's working and I want a girl friend to do stuff with :P Pouting Blog.... Guess i'll have to work harder on this....

I guess when i think about what I want.... I want a friendship like I remember my mom and Aunt Betty having.... All of us kids would play for hours and our moms did everything together.... I want that.

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