Sunday, April 12, 2009


Good Morning. Happy Easter Everyone! I am writing before we go to church. Cedric came home this morning from the Fire Department and Brooklyn and I woke up just in time to find that the Easter Bunny had come!!!!! YAY!!!! Brooklyn was SO excited! You know she got to meet the Easter Bunny at School on Friday and fell in LOVE! She hugged him and kissed him and loved him. So when we told her he was coming to leave her presents in the morning she was so happy to see that he really DID come!!! haha
Well our easter is great! I get to spend time with my two loves! They are currently going through the eggs and eating candy!!! Don't worry I made sure that they ate breakfast First!!!!!  So for the rest of the day Cedric goes to Work at the ER at 11am till 7pm, and Brooklyn and I are going to church. Then we will be going to Cedric's Aunt Lula's house for a little family get together. 
I have been trying to plan my trip to South Dakota, have already started packing!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

All New To ME!!!!!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Deannas Blog Spot! 
So my thoughts for today......
I got a new computer from work yesterday, complete with a great set of instructions and shortcuts (aka My Husband!) The Computer is the MacBook Pro 15 inch!!!!! Whoo Hooo!!!!! yay me
So I am figuring out all these cool new things I can do with my computer that can go anywhere with me AND hook up to the internet!!! YAY~~  So goes my BLOG Site!

ATTN: Aunt Roseanna, I am doing this Blog space because I think yours is SO COOL and you are able to communicate with two worlds/homes:  what I mean is South Dakota is home but so Is Virginia, so now I can let Both places know whats up at all times!!! 

Well today I feel good, I feel guilty that I could not be home to Remember Grandma Haynes; to be there for my family and everyone that means so much to me.  But everyone has been in touch with me and making me feel like I'm not such a bad person for not being able to be there. 
Thank you to everyone... I love you all and I'm sorry I can't be there. I can't wait to see you all

PS I will be home in May for everyone to know! 

Hugs Deanna