Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Happiness :)

So my husband was supposed to leave us again today to head to work and work until we would see him next saturday morning.... I was really upset that I spent my entire ONE DAY with him in Bed with a terrible headache, and body aches :( Sleeping most of the day and not doing anything fun with him or my family.... BUT This morning as I got up fully prepared to help him pack and give him lots of kisses for his journey, he told me he doesn't have to go today!!!!! Imagine my excitement.... So I started Cleaning, got my area set up for my CDA Classes, Got the kids started on projects, listened to music with my husband, and just enjoyed having my family near me :) :) :) Its so nice to have him home one more day :) :) :)

Did I mention Pinterest has become my new favorite addiction???? I can't wait to start trying all these new great things.... Also I only have 56 more hours of classes for my CDA, Seems like i'm going really slow! Hope to pick up the pace ASAP!

First thing i'm going to do off pinterest is Clean my Microfiber Couch!!!!! Thats right I have FINALLY found something that Might work.... I'll post before and after photos with the LINK to Robins Blog which I found this neat new trick! I've been studying it in-between studying my CDA.... and its going to work I just know it! Mom and Dad will have the kids as I work VERY hard to get this couch and loveseat CLEAN for the first time since they were handed down to us LOL

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