Sunday, May 19, 2013

Taking Care of Me......

Just 19 pages into the book, its made me think alot! Why am I the way I am? Who do I give credit to? What would I tell others about me? And who I am, or why I am the way I am?

MK Mueller has on page 19 are you: BC or AD? Unhappy, negative attitude individuals live in B.C. (Blaming and Complaining) "If only he..." "If only She...." or "if only They...." thoughts cloud their vision and distract them from their dreams. They give away their power by believing they have none.... Am I in this category!!!! If I was to answer NO that could be a lie! I do sometimes live in B.C.! I do have moments in my day that I start blaming or complaining.... about anything really.... If only Azylen would have slept all night I would have slept better, If only they would stop throwing out the Racism card our community would be better..... and on and on and on... For the most part though i Live in A.D. (Act and Dream) Happy, positive attitude individuals live in A.D. Whenever something does not go as planned in their lives they Act and get back on track, and/or Dream and visualize what they want to manifest.

If Someone were to ask me why my life is like it is, I would most likely tell them.....

Deanna: I would most likely tell people my life is the way it is because I wanted it to be the way it is... I knew what I wanted in life, I didn't get here happy all the time and the road was rough.... I'm not where I want to be so I continue to go go go! My life is the way it is through my experiences good and bad! I learned from everything I've gone through in my life....

How much of the time am I in B.C.?

Deanna: I do have my B.C. days and I try to stay away from them as much as possible... when I am in B.C. mode I don't feel good, about myself, my life or anything around me.... When I get into B.C. mode I fear I am getting depressed and I try hard as I can to try and get back to feeling good!!! The Three thinks I am grateful for everyday has helped with this and I will do them anytime I start feeling like i'm getting into the B.C. mode LOL

"Pain is required, Suffering is Optional.."

Truly happy individuals are far from selfish. Shelfishness is defined as "Showing care only for oneself." Take time now to write out the names of 5 of the happiest people you have met. They may be living or have passed on.

1. Uncle Kenny Sargent.
2. Uncle Lyle Haynes
3. My Mom
4. Mr. Smith
5. Connie Jones :)

I will leave you with this... HOw would you answer these questions? Are you living in B.C or A.D.? Are you trying to make others happy before making yourself happy? Do you realize that you cannot in fact make anyone else any more happy if you're not happy yourself?

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