Friday, May 10, 2013

Taking Care of ME!

Taking Care of Me: The Habits of Happiness By: Mary Kay Mueller.

I have to say before I start that this woman is amazing.... I admire her and thank her very much for many of my thoughts and feelings, truths and path in the last few weeks..... I had already been on the path i'm going now, but she inspired me to go BIGGER, do MORE, enjoy it more and remember to take care of myself while I'm on my mission of helping others...... I am so blessed to have met her in person! I wish I could have sat down and talked to her for a few whole days or weeks! She just radiates her passion and her awesomeness......

So I am 8 pages into this book (Which I HIGHLY recommend!) and I've come across the first things I want to blog about..... YOUR POWER>....... HMMMM Did you know you have powers? They are SUPER powers and we all have them! I know I have power I have seen it work in many ways.... Through me and through others I've talked to.... I'm not trying to sound all high and mighty.... I'm actually talking about the power to choose.... Choose what you want with your life, choose your own path.... This POwer is YOURS you should never give it away unless it helps with your happiness and even then you don't give that thing/person all your power becuase again this is YOUR power :)

Okay I'll get to it..... This was my post on Facebook this morning:

  • Who do you give your Personal Power away to? I ask this because its so easy to give your power away..... Did you know that NOONE absolutely NO ONE other than yourself affects your happiness?!?!?!? You can not blame ANYONE other than yourself if you're happy, unhappy, sad, ect.... Everything in life is a choice..... IE: This morning I woke up, I was kind of moody, Had been up most of the night with Azylen who is not feeling well, Had to say goodbye again to my hubby leaving to work, the kids wouldn't get up and get ready fast enough....... I was kind of a sour puss this morning.... THEN I realized.... THE SUN IS SHINING!, My children are BEAUTIFUL and healthy! Azylen is STILL smiling even though she was up all night uncomfortable and sick.... My husband HAS A JOB! Any why am I rushing the kids anyway?!?!? I had given my power away to all these things that I was CHOOSING to be unsatisfied with when in all actuality I could have chosen to be happy about all the things i just listed!!!!! SO again.... WHO are you giving your personal power to? Your spouse? Your partner? Your Boss? Your bf/gf?, Children? Friends? Think about it..... Don't forget to do your three gratitudes today!!!!! :) I had 10 today!!!!!
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    • Deanna Coleman What Changes would YOU like to see in YOUR life? and WHere could you be more honest with yourself? With others?

      DEANNA: What Changes would you like to see in your life:
      1. I'd like to stop rushing so much
      2. I'd like to get back in shape
      3. I'd like to get MORE mommies at  the mommy & Me PLaydate's
      4. I'd like to get my Daycare Center up and running!
      5. I'd like to dance again :) 
      6. I want more common friends with my husband so we can get together much like: Friends or How I met your mother......
      7. I would like to have more energy
      8. I would like to spend more time with my children.
      9. I'd like to enjoy getting up earlier in the morning.
      10. I'd like to live each day feeling like I made a difference! Left my footprints in the sand and will be remembered for being awesome!

      DEANNA: Where could you be more honest with yourself? With Others?
      This is hard for me.... I should take care of myself better..... I should realize that caffeine in the amount I drink it is unhealthy.... I should remember to always take my Thyroid medication and stop missing days..... I have the time I want with my children I just need to use it better and stop being such a worry wart.... Stop being in such a hurry with everything! 

      TO Others: I'm not Always happy! Even though I try to make everyone believe i'm happy all the time, I'm having an awesome life.... Its not true! I DO Choose to be happy as much as possible but I'm not perfect I do let things get to me that shouldn't, I let things people say get to me, I FEEL pain that didn't even happen to me! I FEEL things for other people IE: If you share with me something that is bothering you.... I TRULY feel it as you do! Its either a gift or a curse! My counselor told me this is what would make me an amazing counselor someday! OH And I cry when I watch shows or movies that make me sad.... and sometimes when I know I just need a good cry I look for a show that makes me cry and cry! LOL 

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