Thursday, February 28, 2013

State Licensing Update/Food Program


Okay So the State Licensing agent came down to visit with me and do my initial home inspection on February 15th! I really enjoyed having them here, I did find a few things I didn't agree with but all in all it was a great experience. They found 5 discrepancies:
1. There is a refrigerator on my deck that either needs to be locked, bound shut, or taken away!
2. The Dog needs his 2nd set of Rabies Shots in February.
3. The water Temperature was 8 Degrees too hot.
4. The Gun safe needs to be locked.
5. Sue (My Employee) Needed to read/sign a document and it needed to be in her file.....

So everything is complete except the dog and I shall make an appointment for that ASAP, By March 15th I will have everything submitted as done and I should be State Licensed ON or BY April 1st!

HOw exciting! Gosh it seems like it takes FOREVER! At any rate I had a great time, learned alot and am excited to be able to say "I'm a Licensed Daycare Provider!"

On other News:
The Food Program has really kept me on my toes.... I have to prepare menus for 4 weeks that will be served for the next three months! I think i'm done.... Its so hard to stick by the menu because I get the taste for something else and I make that instead..... But they did say I could substitute at any time as long as the meal still went by their guidelines! I'm still having a big issue with the MILK! It has to be 1% and the only 1% milk I can get here in Martin SD is about $5.00 a GALLON! UGH!

South Dakota Early Childhood Learning Conference
April 18-20! Sue and I will both be going, it will be nice to get away and get some fresh new ideas to bring back to our daycare! To make us Even MORE awesome!

Oh By the way! Did you see the newspaper!?!?!? We made the front page!!!! Yeah I'm proud!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

OH The Things you'll do :) The Places You'll go!!!!

Oh The Things You'll Do and The Places You'll GO! 

I tell you what, If you would have asked me 10 years ago what I'd be doing in 2013 I would have told you I'd have a family, I'd be a HIgh School Counselor and I'd still be in Martin SD :) I guess I was pretty right!!!! In 2003 I graduated from High School! HUGE point in my life! I planned a BRIGHT awesome future and it was all just beginning :) I was finally getting out of the house and I didn't have a curfew anymore :) :) :) If anyone told me being an adult was hard I'd laugh and say NO ITS AWESOME!!!!!! And get this I LOVED to pay bills! and I loved having my name ON the bills!

At any rate not I didn't waver from my dreams very far! Although I am NOT a High School Counselor, I do have a family! AND I do live in Martin SD!!! But I've had an awesome journey these last 10 years! I am a Home Daycare Provider and i'm dang proud of it! Not only do I get to stay home with my own children I also get to watch other ones babies and care for them as if they were my own! I have the best job in the world! Although when I grow up I would still like to be a Counselor but that has changed as well, Instead of High School I'd like to work in a Group Home or a Job Corp or something of the sort with Troubled young adults who just need a positive PUSH in the right direction! I'd also like to own my own business and be an AWESOME community member! Although I still think being an adult is AWESOME!!! and I still love to pay bills WITH my name on them! I do agree that being an adult is hard sometimes! Gosh, when you're sick you don't get mommy anymore! And you have to worry about staying home sick because if you don't go to work you won't have the money you need to pay the bills with your name on them :) OH and you have to become your parents in a sense when everything finally CLICKS and you realize that they WERE in fact right!!!! LOL and then you start scolding your child the SAME way your parents scolded you!

Making friends is harder too in the grown up world.... and maintaining friendships, juggling them with family and work and all the other things that come out of nowhere, where does time with friends fit in? You certainly have to work harder!

My mom told me to "GO SEE THE WORLD" Go while you're still young and you don't have a family!!!! So I did I decided to become a nanny! and I moved 1600 miles away from home and everything I ever knew! My friends, family, LiFE to move to the UNKNOWN and see the UNKNOWN!!!! Who would have ever thought........

So anyways.... I loved my adventure and I'll probably tell my own children the exact same thing when they graduate high school..... However I hope they come back or don't move too far away.... I can't imagine life without my babies! (Wait is that early onset Empty nest syndrome starting?!?!!?)

SO I made the front page of the Local Newspaper today! I"m super stoked! I'm famous again! I hadn't made the front page for 10 whole years! I have to say i'm pretty proud and i'm not afraid to gloat :P

I hope you all have had a wonderful day!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

30 Day Challenge-- Day 20

Day 20-30 Day Challenge
How important you think education is

Education is so very important to me..... Although I have NOT finished college it has been a very vital part of my life! Its also helped me to see how much my children need it :) And it helps me become a better Daycare provider! I love finding new and innovative ways to teach kids :) and myself :P 

Right now If you counted up all my college credits I should have a Bachelors in something...... But its miscellaneous! I have credits in Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Education, Business, Accounting, and Medical Transcription LOL Can we say UNDECIDED?!?!?! 

I get to where I'm pretty definately sure of what I want to do when I "GROW UP" and then my mind changes all over again, or i have another child :) OH the blessings in life! So there is so much Education can provide I feel like Education is more important than ANYTHING other than family :) 

Those feelings.....

So I run a Daycare out of my home..... Most of you know this already.... I would like to know how everyone feels when your daycare closes..... 
My children are sick so I feel like I need to close because I don't allow other kids into my daycare when they are sick.... and also because I need to give my babies all the love they need to get all better, or go to the doctor. So why do I feel so HORRIBLE every time I have to shut daycare down?????

I feel like i'm the only person some of my families have to watch their precious babies.... there are the sighs or the silence when told i'm closing for a day that just kill me.... Like I feel bad and mad at the same time is this possible? I mean I shouldn't feel this bad right there in my handbook it says you should have back up care available just in case and i usually call as SOON as I know I can't be open.... and honestly I NEVER shut down Period for just a personal day! My Parents are wonderful they're all about Family first and making me feel comfortable in my decision to shut down.... But its still a feeling I have that I'm not doing enough! 

NOw in Virginia if my Daycare closed or if my "Sitter" said they couldn't watch my baby I was stressed to the MAX! I didn't have back up so i'd have to call in sick and all of you know you don't want to call in sick too many times when its not you yourself that is sick because then you won't have any sick time left when you are in fact actually sick!!!! and if you're single or even if you're married or in a relationship when moneys tight MONEYS TIGHT! So you can't just NOT go to work! 

Maybe I'm rambling I'm just feeling bad. In the past 2 months i've had to close daycare down not once, twice or even three times BUT 4 times!!!!!! Thats more than I shut down ever!!!! I hope these sicknesses LEAVE us all alone and SOON! I'm sick of being sick and taking care of poor sick babies!

At any rate.... Its "those feelings" I needed to talk about today :) I hope you've all had a fantastic day! I know i'm really enjoying giving my babies all the love they need and deserve poor babies anyway. 


Today I feel like a real great momma :) My kids and I were up all night! They were sick and I took care of them! I never feel more needed then when my kids are sick they NEED ME :) I'm not saying I like it when they're sick I wish I could just take the sickness away I feel so bad for them, but I love the cuddles and that great feeling of being needed!