Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Return of the Elves: Peter and Patty

Good Sunday Afternoon all!!!!

Was Greeted this morning by great news that I am an Auntie again!!!! Diem Paige Hunter arrived at 8:45am! I can't wait to meet her! Love You Derek and Katie Hunter :) THEN we went to the post office and GUESS WHAT!!!?!?!?!!?

This Is the Second Year the Elves have come to visit us!!!! They're names are Peter and Patty! The Kids Were STOKED that the package came from the Post Office!!!! Who cares about the newest "HighLights" Magazine that came as well!!!?!?!? Peter and Patty wrote the kids a special letter and it TOTALLY helped get Easton to take a nap today! He was quiet and asleep within minutes of laying down!!!! Enjoy our version of the "Return" of the elves :) 

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