Monday, November 11, 2013

Daycare.... :)

I have to say out of all the jobs I've ever done Daycare has definitely made me VERY happy :) I get to be home, I have no limits, I am my own boss, I make my own rules and the BEST part about it is I get to be home or wherever I hold daycare with MY CHILDREN :) :):)  The days are always Challenging and you NEVER know what will happen that day! I have to say I've had the pleasure of watching kids grow from infants, to Toddlers, toddlers to Preschoolers and preschoolers to school age! I have watched just about EVERY single milestone progress into the next milestone! I have been here for these babies and am trusted by them... I have endless opportunities to further my education in this field... I can be family, group or center... Its so amazing to have this job!

I have met many many other women, and men alike whom work with children as well, I love getting new ideas, advice and words of wisdom from all of them... and I love being able to help others who have any questions or ask advice as well.  I am including my Pinterest file on this blog to show you all the awesome ideas i've gotten.... When you go to my profile check out all the boards but the ones i'm talking about are under the LLDP boards :) :) :) Let me know what you think.... OH and I need all the followers I can get! If you'd like to follow my blog please do :) I would love to have more followers!!!!

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