Sunday, December 1, 2013

No Electronic's Sunday.....

Well I decided that I've been using electronics WAY Too much and thought I would start taking one day out of the week to just Unplug and enjoy my babies! I decided that the "No Electronic Day" would be Every Sunday! SO Day 1 of Unplugging Not successful! Although I was not on as much as usual, I did get on and cheat a peek at my new Neice who decided to enter the world today! I also wrote a blog Post about the Arrival of Peter and Patty! AND While the kids were napping I got on Pinterest and Facebook ..... :( SO I have to say I"m a little disappointed in myself... Will try harder Next sunday to just unplug... and Be just a mom, Not a business owner, not a blog writer, or an online pinner... LOL Play some of the games in the game cabinet, read more books, Do more crafts, Something.... But No Electronics unless there is an emergency.... Do you think that is possible? LOL What are your thoughts.... Do you think it's a good thing to just unplug for a whole day? I spend a lot of time with my family but one of my major goals is to do more and spend more time with them so I thought this might help... Leave me your thoughts on this :) And have an awesome night!

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