Thursday, April 25, 2013

Inspiration and Motivation

As you know I attended the South Dakota Early Childhood Education conference in Pierre SD last weekend! I told you about it some and how excited I was about the opportunity! I took my Employee Sue and my niece Amber with me! We had a great time! The roads were very icy wednesday night when we went! I tell you I got some new driving experience on Black Ice! Scary!!!! But we enjoyed our trip none-the-less.

MK Mueller the author of "8 to Great" and "Taking Care of Me" was amazing! She inspired me to KEEP GOING on my dream and not to give up no matter how tough the road is. The road will be bumpy, twist unexpectadly and make you choose between forks but eventually if I want it bad enough and I keep dreaming and working at it I will get it :)  I purchased her books and workbook and plan to not only implement her plans in my personal life, but also in my Business and the "Mommy & Me Playdates"!!!! One great thing I have started since her keynote is saying and writing down my gratitudes everyday! The challenge is to think of three things everyday that I am grateful for  without ever repeating them again! So I have been doing this myself, with my husband and my two older children (6) and (2).

Denita Dinger was also an awesome Keynote and I have definately started implementing her works into my home life as a mother and at the daycare!!!! LET THEM PLAY! Quit stopping them from making a mess, or doing something that we don't always see as "Right" or doing it the "Right way" Ask the children "What are you doing?" and observe them! Quit having to stick to Schedule and plans! Let them show you what to do today after all everything they do is a learning experience and when they play they learn so much more than when you do a "worksheet" or Structured lesson plan.

There was so much I learned! I connected with toy companies, Outside play equipment companies and other child friendly initiatives in South Dakota! I expressed my plan for a daycare center and all of them were very encouraging! I attended workshops learning more about South Dakota Rules and Regulations for Home daycare and daycare centers and best of all I networked with other child care providers, specialists, and headstart professionals all across the state! I even met an awesome woman who has a daycare center and started from the ground up just like I plan to do! She encouraged me that i don't have to go non-profit! and she would definately be interested in visiting with me more on what to do NEXT! Or what she did and her journey! She had an awesome attitude!

With this being said I feel Inspired and motivated! I can't wait to find that PERFECT building and start! and I may start as a Group Family Daycare Center first and work up to Daycare center when I get enough interest! So with Group family I can still add employees and I will be adding 8 more spots to the daycare! The licensing process is much like applying for a center and then when I get that done becoming a center is just one step or less away!!!! I just need to find a building and start working on it! When you're going through things at home keep me in mind! I'll need many things from Kitchen Appliances, high Chairs, Chairs, Tables, and Toys ect..... Keep me in mind! I am sorry I hadn't updated here for awhile I've been really busy with paperwork and playing with kids :) or Observing them :) They're starting to wake up from their naps now so I'll let you go! I hope you're having an awesome week!

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