Monday, March 17, 2014

Is it Spring yet?

I dream of Beautiful summer days :) and Beautiful scenery! I think I will Hike and explore a lot with the kiddos this summer :P

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Getting Back Into Shape?

Well I would have to say I've tried many things since having my third child, but nothing has really stuck, the first one I was SO dedicated but then I hurt my knees somehow, I could barely walk, Was told to relax for about a week and then try again.... Guess what? Motivation GONE never went back to it......

I've kind of felt mad at myself for this for over a year now, so about two months ago I decided that since my excuse was that I never had time to work out or be by myself to go anywhere for exercise.... I would start with Stomach crunches any time I thought about it but it had to be at least once a day! So I started with 50, and did them after I got the kids down for nap, just quietly while they were sleeping, the crunches went from 50 to 100 quickly and I started doing side bends and stretching as well! I was so proud when I hit the two month mark of doing these things EVERYDAY that I decided maybe I was dedicated enough to actually start something....

I went to the WII since I have a couple workout Wii games BUT there were no batteries and I lost interest LOL So I went to my Pinterest Board..... "Back 2 Shape" and found this AWESOME website I will recommend to all of you..... You can sign up for FREE, and there are tons of workouts, challenges and places where you can log your activity and people encouraging you! Best of all its FREE!!!!!!! I am currently still doing my 100 crunches 40 side bends, and am participating in the plank challenge and Butt challenge :) DO IT, if you're ready to get back in shape get MOTIVATED :)