Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Being Thankful....

As we played and learned at daycare today my main focus was to get the children thinking about things they are thankful for! The things they said they were thankful for were adorable!!! I then came home after work excited for the holiday weekend and ready to enjoy Thanksgiving Eve, with my little family and relaxing!!!! Daddy got chalk so we wrote down 6 things we were thankful for on our little chalkboard door!
1. Family
2. Grandparents
3. Turkey
4. Home
5. Holidays and
6. Being OFF WORK!

There are SO MANY more things we are thankful for! But thats all that fit on our board with my (Big) Handwriting! Here are a few examples of things we did both at Daycare and at home to show our Thankfulness :) <3 enjoy="" nbsp="" p="">

These are the Thankful "Hand" Turkeys :) 

This is what the Kids are "Thankful" For :) 

Kids Decorated and put their own Personal touches on their Turkeys!

This is my Family's Thankful Chalkboard :) 


  1. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Coleman family!

    1. Thank you Anne :) I hOpe you had an awesome Thanksgiving as well :)