Saturday, October 26, 2013

Community Events Questionnaire PLEASE RESPOND

Our FIRST Martin City Day In the Park was held September 7, 2013. The turnout was AWESOME, better than expected and so FUN!!!! Everyone I had talked to said they are very excited for next year and that this would be a great annual event for Martin! I know my last post was about moving away... DO NOT WORRY I will continue to do the ANNUAL Adult Winter Formal and the ANNUAL Martin City Day in the Park! I absolutely LOVED doing these things for the town of Martin and our community.

MARK your Calendars for February 15th, 2014 2nd Annual Adult Winter Formal. All proceeds will be given to the American Legion Post #240. Everything is still in the planning stages.... Do we serve a formal meal or no? Do we want a Band or a DJ? What Kinds of Decorations will we have this year?!?!? What will I wear?!?! Should it be a VALENTINES day Theme???? LOL So with that being said ANY comments on this subject for Ideas, or people you may think might be able to help me out let me know! This is going to be a BLAST, dress up in your best.... Or don't... But its more fun if you do :) Take this one time of the year to get all beautiful, get your hair, make up and nails done... Go tan... Remember your High School Prom?!?! Now we get one as adults :) :) :)

IN this Post I need you to comment:

1. What did you like best about the first Annual Martin City Day IN the Park?

2. What would you like to see next year?!?!

3. Do you have any ideas or want to help with the Winter Formal This year?!?!?!

THANK YOU :) I can't wait!!!!

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