Sunday, November 10, 2013

Crafty Me? Or Not?

I've ALWAYS wanted this Craft room, one with all these beautiful surfaces for crafts, sewing, organizing and doing scrapbooks and so much more!!!! I crave to love doing crafts and have my own separate area just for my crafts!!!! I also always thought I would be this awesome crafty mom.... More and more I find myself NOT doing crafts and the area for crafts and the (Space) for me is not used.... I get there, I organize it and I get all excited to start using it.... and it sits..... and sits.... until I have to go down and organize it again because things got piled up.... AGAIN.... Will i ever be a crafty mom? Will I ever find the time to do all these great crafts I want to do with my children.... I crave a bad winter where we're all stuck inside and that will be motivation to go use my room full of stuff to do crafts..... But there keeps being nice days where I want to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and do outdoor physical activities with the kids.... and when there IS bad days... we don't craft...... This is something I really want to do so I will focus on getting more crafting done in days to come with my children!!!!! Its a pet peeve really.... that I don't do things i've been excited to do since becoming a mommy..... Really though I need to start doing crafts in my "Craft room, office, ect..." its just something that HAS To start being a ritual.....

Okay enough rambling again when this starts I will take photos for my blog to show that I have in fact started crafting, in my long dreamed for craft area..... LOL Wish me luck!

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