Monday, May 13, 2013


Sitting here waiting for the last child of 10 to fall asleep so that I can go start my second round of  cleaning the kitchen, dishes, mopping, washing down tables and chairs and high chairs, laundry and straightening up stuff for the afternoon! I'm thinking......

"If only I had time to journal, I may have a separate journal for each part of me, my own personal thoughts, Brooklyn's, Easton's, and Azylens daily doings, milestones, things they say or do!, a daycare one because if I wrote down everything they say that may be an awesome thing to had them when they leave me to go to school full time...... If only I had time"

Then I start thinking......

"We'll if I had time I think before I write the journals I'd have to catch up on the past four years of scrapbooks!!!!! I'd have to Start Easton's and Start Azylens, and catch up on the rest...." 

If you know my family, or better if you know my mother.... She has a journal and a scrapbook for all of us kids!!!!! She is superwoman..... I need to figure out how to do that.... At any rate now I'm going to be on a mission to get those totes full of stuff for scrapbooks out of my office!!!!! 

I need like two weeks of just scrapbooking time and ill get it all done! Anyone want to volunteer to take over my children and daycare while I take a two week vacation of scrapbook catch up?!?!?!? Lol

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