Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Coolest Pinterest Find..... TODAY

So browsing Pinterest...... I do this a lot..... there may be an addiction somewhere in there but I am IN LOVE with Pinterest..... 

Okay back to subject.... I found this about three years ago, but found it again today.... GUIDED JOURNAL pages..... you can print them for FREE, you can print them in Color OR as coloring pages for those who love to color (ME) 

I love the prompts and questions.... Its just fun to fill out.... and looking back to 2012 when I did them before, so much has changed... So I am going to do them again! 

Check out the website: 

She has some amazing things as printable and even things you can buy on her Easy shop :) I am highly recommending this to anyone who loves to journal :) And this Time I've printed off the ones for kids and Brooklyn will start doing them :) I am so excited! Have an awesome day!!!!