Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Birthdays (for the child or the parent?)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!!!! Is a Birthday party really a celebration for the child or is it for the parent?!?!?! I mean they don't really care about a party until they're about 3 so .......

Easton Turned 3 Last Thursday!!!! My baby boy is now 3 years old!!! NOW whoever said that 2 was the "Terrible 2's" Must have been crazy! As soon as Easton turned 3 he has been CRAZY and mean!!!! One would even say out of control! Now he wasn't quite an angel at 2 either but he's definately taken a new light to the term "Terrible" LOL Now i get upset over it but in a few years I'll be laughing and wishing he was still this ornery innocent little boy!!!! So I'm going to enjoy it, although he's still going to get punished :P

Azylen then turned 1 last FRIDAY!!!!!! She is already the baby, gets away with everything and is ornery but (so cute) LOL I think i've got my hands full!!!! So their birthday party is this Sunday and Easton is SUPER excited to see all his friends and they're going to "Play in my Farm" in Eastons Words.... Azylen however has no idea! She doesn't care whether she has a party or not! But she's going to love digging into a cake!!!!

NOW Being the MOM and super Planner I am I started planning their birthday party last year........... Started is the key word... LOL So this Sunday is the party and MOMMY AKA Super Planner is Nowhere CLOSE to being ready LOL..... Theres SO much to do and its past crunch time LOL Why oh why do I do this? I think I totally get it from my mother! Thank you ANNA HAYNES LOL
At any rate whether we have paper Plates and forks and pretty cake or decorations is not the point the point is my babies got another year older and I (THATS RIGHT ME!) I survived the WHOLE year without throwing them off the deck :) I'm pretty proud! Now..... onto the next year. hahaha

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