Mommy & Me Playdates

My Reason:
I suffered from severe Post Pardum Depression after the birth of my first child.... Nothing seemed to go right, I felt like I was a failure, I felt like I was the worst mother, wife and person ever. I wouldn't admit that I was depressed, I blamed it on missing my family and Colic.... I went 6 months and on Christmas Eve 2006, I thought I just didn't want to live anymore. After all nobody needed me and nobody knew how I felt or even cared.... I did not do anything to myself, I often thought about it and I thought about it the MOST that Christmas Eve Night. It was that night that scared me worse than I'd ever been scared in my entire life! I got help and I got invited to this group on facebook that was for Mommys and kids.... I thought about going for a long time but I just didn't have the guts..... THen one day I just decided I was going to do it, and it forever changed my life! I never felt so much support in my entire life! It was okay, all those feelings I was having???? I wasn't the only one! I had someone to talk to! I had a place in life! I was SOMEBODY and I was worth it!!!! When I found out I'd be moving home To Martin SD this was one of the first things I decided I was going to do! I know there is lots of depression and moms in this town.... Heck even if you're not depressed its nice to have friends and people to talk to, people to hang out with once in awhile! So this.... This is for YOU! There is no judgement, there is no drama, this group is to make friends, rekindle old friendships, network and just enjoy the company of other moms and their children! Join us :)


  • To get more mommies involved! To reach out to every new, experienced and expecting mommy in Bennett County and Surrounding areas.
  • Incorporate more ideas for the playdates 
    • Cookie Making Party
    • Christmas Gift making Party
    • Halloween Party
    • Pinterest Party
    • Sleepover (30 hour Famine or something)
    • Spiritual retreat
    • Playground Play
    • Carnival
    • floats in parades
    • and many more.
  • Decrease Depression
  • Decrease Suicide and Divorce
  • Give advice/speak to those who are down and out, those who need it, those who don't think there is anyone else having to go through what they are going through.

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