Friday, June 27, 2014

Post Move.....

So we are officially moved to Hot Springs! The house is still not closed on yet but we have moved!!!! The kids and I are very involved with many "Summer Rec" activities here! Brooklyn is in Art, Gymnastics, T-Ball, and Dance. Easton is in Gymnastics, T-Ball and Dance! They both are learning, meeting new friends and loving the time spent out of the house :) Mommy has met a few new friends as well AND I've been walking as much as possible :) What a great workout just to walk to and from activities!!!!

When we are not at activities, I am unpacking the unlimited number of random boxes, moving things around over and over, picking up toys, enjoying time with my brother and sister-in-law, picking weeds, feeding, bathing, entertaining and all the other fun mommy stuff!!!! I would have to say, I'm just as busy as a stay-at-home momma as I was being a Daycare provider. 

The Move...... And Beyond....

I'm sitting here counting all the blessings i have and all the great things that have happened since I posted last! I closed down my Daycare in March and gave most everything I had from the daycare to a very deserving and awesome woman! I became a stay-at-home mom and packed and packed and packed.

The End of May we moved to Hot Springs SD. We LOVE our new house and i have since been UNPACKING unpacking, unpacking! Here in Hot Springs they have a "Summer Rec" Program aimed at children Elementary aged. My Kids Easton and Brooklyn are in: Art, Dance, Gymnastics, and T-Ball! They love all their activities and this has provided me with an awesome opportunity to connect with other moms who have children my children's ages as well as meeting community Members :) I have had an absolute awesome time doing all of this!

I will post photos of the new house ASAP! I promise :) I hope you have all been doing awesome :) I will say as of right now My most Cherished and favorite part of the house is the "Walk-In" Closet that is ALL MINE :) :) :) Its an OCD persons DREAM! LOVE IT!

Photos to come!

Love Deanna