Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Strengthening through devotion

I woke up to find this on our kitchen table :) Cedric has done this many times throughout our 8 years of marriage but its been something that has helped us through pretty much everything! I wanted to share this with you because even though it says "One Year" we have used it for many more than that! We are not completely faithful at keeping up with it but it sure is a lifesaver!!!!!


Thank you for checking my Blog out :) 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This New life I live :)

So I've been a stay-at-home-mom for about 5 months now! I have been very busy with packing to move, moving, and unpacking! Learning the ins and outs of our now town and home, as well as meeting new people and making new friends! I have LOVED being able to stay at home with my children. Buying a house has been a challenge, at times i've felt like i'm not doing enough, not making money to help, not keeping the house clean enough, not challenging the children as well as I should be and definitely not getting home as much as I thought I would when i was going to be a "Stay-At-Home Mom"

I did start to sell Pure Romance, which for me has been an awesome challenge, and great time!!! I absolutely love the products but my favorite part is the parties I get to throw for other women and have fun at our "Girls Nights out" I haven't made as much money as some people who do direct sales but I am not losing money and i'm having fun!

I also have made many goals
1. Becoming organized
2. Getting Involved in the Community
3. Initiating Mommy & Me Playdates in Hot Springs
4. Teaching my now 4 and 2 year olds Preschool things (writing, reading and other things) Since there is not a public Preschool here.
5. Blogging.....

I love pinterest, has so many great ideas for just about anything you can imagine! I've been researching Blogs and how to's for starting a Blog as well as other things for stay at home moms, decorating, and learning! OH FUN!

I thought i'd write a little to let you all know i'm still here and I am doing great! I hope you are as well! I will keep you updated on my goals as well as the house and other things! Have an AWESOME DAY!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Post Move.....

So we are officially moved to Hot Springs! The house is still not closed on yet but we have moved!!!! The kids and I are very involved with many "Summer Rec" activities here! Brooklyn is in Art, Gymnastics, T-Ball, and Dance. Easton is in Gymnastics, T-Ball and Dance! They both are learning, meeting new friends and loving the time spent out of the house :) Mommy has met a few new friends as well AND I've been walking as much as possible :) What a great workout just to walk to and from activities!!!!

When we are not at activities, I am unpacking the unlimited number of random boxes, moving things around over and over, picking up toys, enjoying time with my brother and sister-in-law, picking weeds, feeding, bathing, entertaining and all the other fun mommy stuff!!!! I would have to say, I'm just as busy as a stay-at-home momma as I was being a Daycare provider. 

The Move...... And Beyond....

I'm sitting here counting all the blessings i have and all the great things that have happened since I posted last! I closed down my Daycare in March and gave most everything I had from the daycare to a very deserving and awesome woman! I became a stay-at-home mom and packed and packed and packed.

The End of May we moved to Hot Springs SD. We LOVE our new house and i have since been UNPACKING unpacking, unpacking! Here in Hot Springs they have a "Summer Rec" Program aimed at children Elementary aged. My Kids Easton and Brooklyn are in: Art, Dance, Gymnastics, and T-Ball! They love all their activities and this has provided me with an awesome opportunity to connect with other moms who have children my children's ages as well as meeting community Members :) I have had an absolute awesome time doing all of this!

I will post photos of the new house ASAP! I promise :) I hope you have all been doing awesome :) I will say as of right now My most Cherished and favorite part of the house is the "Walk-In" Closet that is ALL MINE :) :) :) Its an OCD persons DREAM! LOVE IT!

Photos to come!

Love Deanna

Monday, March 17, 2014

Is it Spring yet?

I dream of Beautiful summer days :) and Beautiful scenery! I think I will Hike and explore a lot with the kiddos this summer :P

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Getting Back Into Shape?

Well I would have to say I've tried many things since having my third child, but nothing has really stuck, the first one I was SO dedicated but then I hurt my knees somehow, I could barely walk, Was told to relax for about a week and then try again.... Guess what? Motivation GONE never went back to it......

I've kind of felt mad at myself for this for over a year now, so about two months ago I decided that since my excuse was that I never had time to work out or be by myself to go anywhere for exercise.... I would start with Stomach crunches any time I thought about it but it had to be at least once a day! So I started with 50, and did them after I got the kids down for nap, just quietly while they were sleeping, the crunches went from 50 to 100 quickly and I started doing side bends and stretching as well! I was so proud when I hit the two month mark of doing these things EVERYDAY that I decided maybe I was dedicated enough to actually start something....

I went to the WII since I have a couple workout Wii games BUT there were no batteries and I lost interest LOL So I went to my Pinterest Board..... "Back 2 Shape" and found this AWESOME website I will recommend to all of you..... You can sign up for FREE, and there are tons of workouts, challenges and places where you can log your activity and people encouraging you! Best of all its FREE!!!!!!! I am currently still doing my 100 crunches 40 side bends, and am participating in the plank challenge and Butt challenge :) DO IT, if you're ready to get back in shape get MOTIVATED :)

Friday, January 31, 2014


Deanna (ME) is a person that can see the good in anyone or anything normally.... SO about three years ago I met this person who has inspired me in MANY ways, as well as become a friend and person i don't think i could ever live without in my life. She is a lot like me in many ways. Giving, thoughtful, happy, always see's the good in pretty much every situation! Although she does not know how much she has helped me i thought I would dedicate this post to her! When we moved back here (home for me) to Martin, SD, i was broken, lost and hadn't known the real Deanna in a long time! I came back hoping for the best in many things in my life, but not quite sure where to start or how..... I went out one night just for a good time and to see many friends I had not seen in a long time because i didn't live here anymore! I heard the most amazing voice singing Karaoke that night! I was in love with this song that I had sung (Alone, at home) and i really wanted her to sing it. "Oh Darling" by the Beatles. WEll she did NOT sing it for me that night even though I requested it, and she didn't sing it the next time I saw her either..... she stated: "I have that song do you want to sing it?" ME ?!?!?!?! Are you serious? I don't sing in front of people! I did sing once at a basketball game... the national anthem and I was in choir but that was when I was younger and I hadnt' done that in a very long time LOL So she promised me she would sing it with me..... WEll I sang and OH MY GOSH it felt so good, I was out of my comfort zone but the stress relief was awesome! As Karaoke nights became more frequent our friendship grew, she still has NO IDEA what she helped me get through and figure out just because she was her. She is an AMAZING young woman, smart, funny, happy and has so much potential I owe her for so much and she isn't even sure what she did LOL I know this post does not make a lot of sense but I felt like I really needed to write about her because of where I am now in life. I have made a friend for life, i know that no matter what i"ll be here for her, and I'll be by her side helping her with whatever battle God throws at her next. She is considered one of my best friends, and I thank her for everything she has done! 

By the way NOW when I go out to sing with her at Karaoke she makes me sing ALL NIGHT LONG, because I found something i actually LOVE doing and i'm pretty good at it... or at least people at the bar think so LOL. Thank you Hazel Marie Soloman for helping me find Deanna again. For being a part of the process I needed to go though and most of all for being my friend! I will be here for you no matter what you go through, and I'm your biggest cheerleader when you're ready for that next step :) Love ya