Sunday, May 19, 2013

This is the Life :)

My Name is Deanna Coleman, I am a mother of THREE beautiful Children! I am the wife of an awesome and purpose driven husband! I am a Daughter, sister, Auntie, Friend, and I am AWESOME!

My Job is a Daycare Provider of 10 more Amazing little children! I get to see them grow, learn, and Play! I get to see them both at their worst and their best!
My Most important job though is being a mommy.... I have a 6 year Old daughter who just completed the 1st grade with PERFECT ATTENDANCE!!!!! She loves to dance, write, color, do anything involving art, and watch TV! She is so very friendly and growing up so fast!  I have a 3 year old son, who is equally amazing! He is talking so much, he enjoys seeing his friends everyday but lets me know through frustration when he has had enough! I work on him with Sharing and being nice and then realize that in fact he is sharing every day! He has to share his mommy, his toys, his life with all these other kids, I suppose that is very stressful and frustrating at times, he does pretty good! I have a 1 year old Daughter who is just learning to walk! She is talking, saying many different words, Expressions are priceless, she is very smart!

My hobbies include: Community Service, Making others see the potential in themselves, pushing others to give it their all and realize that their happiness is all up to them! I love to dance, sing, play, stretch, walk, and Run (This is something I do in my head right now) LOL. I love meeting new people... although upon becoming a mother I have a very hard time meeting new people.... its an unexpected fall back, but i'm working on that!

My fears include cram packed rooms... (Of people), Losing someone (I go overboard on this one), Hurting someones feelings, not living up to my own expectations of myself.

My favorite colors are: green, Pink and Purple, blue, well I pretty much LOVE all colors!

My husband along with being my best friend is also my motivator! I can get down and he picks me up and throws me back into life! :P He is a Flight Paramedic for Black Hills Life Flight! He is the Base Manager there. He is a photographer, teacher, music fanatic, and loves to be free! He loves to take risks and strive for the best he can be! I've never met a man as strong as he is! He of course made his life, he made mistakes, he had his whole world fall over top of him, and then he picked himself up piece by piece and made himself better than he's ever been in his life! I love him so very much!

This life I live, is the LIFE! Its awesome! Its perfect! We all have our ups and downs but the downs make me stronger, they give me purpose to strive to jump higher! I appreciate the downs and I love the ups! I learn everyday through others, through my own experiences! I CHOOSE TO LOVE MY LIFE as it is! I choose to work hard to make it even more AWESOME!

Just thought I'd let you know a little more about myself and my life :) Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it :)

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