Tuesday, May 7, 2013

If I had No Fear, What would I do?

So one of the things that MK Mueller said at the South Dakota Early Childhood Conference a couple weekends ago was: If I had NO Fear What would I do????

Well Think about that..... If you really had NO Fear What would you do?

There is so much things I don't do because, number 1 I don't want to and number 2 I'm afraid given my family history I'll like it too much.... Ie: Drink, Drugs, ect....

But I don't think she was referring to these things.... If I had no Fear What would I do?

1. I would take my family and just go, we'd travel the world in our vehicle, camp and work when we needed more money..... (Wouldn't that be fun?!?!)

2. I would probably start speaking as a motivational speaker, I'd speak to everyone about things that are hard to talk about, motivate them, inspire them, show them they are so much more than they could have ever dreamed..... You know I'd probably want to start, and end on the reservations.... I want and see so much they can do, I wish they could see the potential in their land and themselves! I want to inspire the younger generation and my generation to do something different..... to start making a difference.

3. If I had no fear, I'd probably do quite a bit more things than I do now, I wouldn't feel like I had limits and had to stay within those limits.... I wouldn't care what people thought or if they were mad at me.... You know this is one of the biggest flaws I have about myself is worrying too much about how others FEEL about what I do or say.... Its not that I don't tell them anyway but I fear that they'll be mad at me for one reason or another for saying the wrong thing.... I like to tell people the truth, or how I see things.... I like to make people feel better :) I like to make them see there are other ways to get what they want.... and that they should NEVER give up on their life, their dreams, and their desires....

4. I'd stop thinking so much :) LOL

HMMM I'm sure there are so many more things i'd do if I had no fear but I'll have to think even more.

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