Sunday, April 14, 2013

The journey that lies ahead......

What a good weekend. The week that lies ahead seems so exciting and busy! So there seems to be yet another huge snowstorm headed our way! Last week we got 20 inches or more of snow!!! It was so great to think that this will help us with the drought we are currently in. At the same time there was so much beauty and the awesome childhood memories surfacing!
This week we have a possibility of the same amount of snow on top of the snow we still have!!!!! My schedule includes but is not limited to 30 hours of daycare, a conference call, cleaning grandparents house, back 2 shape walk with my community, a 4-H meeting with my oldest daughter, and the South Dakota Early Childhood Education Conference in Pierre, photographs of a beautiful young woman, quality time with my niece, travel, the usual cleaning, mommy, and wife duties! Gosh I feel so blessed to be me :)
My journey in this world has not only begun but continues! I want to make an impact wherever I am and in whatever I do!

So some of you may know of my past and my huge passion about stopping drinking and driving and a possibility of helping with what sounds like an amazing program the "Freshman Impact" program!!!!! I am so very excited about the possibilities and life changes this program may bring to Bennett County and Surrounding areas! For now I have no information just the passion and dire need we have here to raise awareness of the tragedy that can come from Drinking and Driving!

I know this post has such randomness but that is me, a million and one thoughts running through my head at all times! I hope you had a great weekend and that you have an awesome Monday!

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