Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Past..... and the future......

Listening to the sounds around me.... Such beautiful children just resting and enjoying their naps.... I have been babysitting for a LONG time now.... It shows you see, when I go to different things like for instance, last Saturday at the PROM!!!! There were quite a few young adults there that I used to babysit!!!! Well as you all know i'm NOT old, by any means so this can only mean one thing.....

"Enjoy them now because they'll never be this small again!"

"They grow up so fast!!!!"

"They'll be Graduated and out of the house 
before you know it!"

These are photos of just a FEW of the kids I used to babysit! I have photos of them all when they were much smaller.... when they looked up to me! And we used to act silly and play and have fun! And NOW look at them!!!!!!!   So again.... I'm sitting here listening to the steady restful breathing of these beautiful babies.... Some of them i've had since they were 6 months old, some of them I've had since the day I opened my Daycare.... I don't know where their paths will take them, I don't know what they'll grow up to be, or what they'll look like at their prom.... But one thing you can be sure of, I was part of their life and I hope to be for the rest of their lives :) I feel so proud to have babysat for these wonderful families and to see the kids I cared and care for all grown up and awesome!!!!!

The Time you Thought the Straightner was Pliers, and the Perfume was a water bottle and the Hair Dryer was a gun!.....

Halloween 2012!

Taking care of the Baby! 

I don't want you to grow up! But I can't wait to see what you'll do and where you'll go :) 

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