Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Check out the New Website!!!!!

Fundraising as I am finding out is hard work :) Its fun though, The things the Parents, My husband and myself have thought of are really fun! Its just alot of hard work!!! So with that being said I had advertised on Facebook that I needed help finding ways to fund my Daycare/Community Center Dream because there is such a dire need for Childcare here in Martin SD!

We made $500.00 on Love-a-grams in February!
We Made $322.00 on the Formal Gala in March!
Our Next Fundraiser will be a family dance for Summer time with a Luau theme....
August is the "Martin City Day in The Park" and I'm hoping that becomes annual as well as the Formal :)

ANYONE have any other ideas?!?!?!?
I did get a website set up for funding as well please follow this link to check it out! Also let me know if I need to change or add anything on it :) Thank you So much! 

Also just something I'd been wanting to do again is Journaling and I found this AWESOME blog and woman who does Journal Pages! I have printed them all off and am on Day 10! I am in Love! Check out her blog at:

She has a lot of Great Ideas for other things as well, I'm just obsessed with this right now :) Thank you!!!! Please let me know if there are any other ideas for fundraising, or how much you LOVE the journal pages!!!!

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