Monday, April 15, 2013

Becoming Great!

If you have read the Book "8 To Great" by MK Mueller
please don't spoil it for me, I am now on page 5 :) LOL  

Theres already something I'd like to share:

"You are living the life you've imagined. You always have been. Your imagination is where your future comes to life, so you're living the result of what you've expected to happen so far. Are you  ready to expect Bigger and better? As soon as you make that simple shift, using your imagination to design a life you love, your life will change dramatically."

Think about it..... What do you think?

What is your definition of Attitude?

"Your attitude is based on your thoughts and beliefs. Attitude is mental, not emotional or behavioral. Emotions and behaviors are the result of our thoughts and beliefs."

I'll keep you updated on the many things I will learn from this book! I hope you are inspired!!!!

"Success is not the way to happiness. Happiness is the way to success." ~Albert Schweitzer.

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