Friday, April 12, 2013

The McClung Family......

A Personal Thank You :) 

First of all I just want to say Thank you So much for all the things you taught me, in child care, house work, cooking (Believe it or not!), decorating and building a house, and even business...

So I was just changing my daughters diaper, and poor thing has a little diaper rash started and the first thing I put on is Auquafor. It made me think of some people who are a pretty special part of my life and the whole reason I went to Virginia, and Met the love of my life :) 

The McClung Family invited me into their home as their Nanny back in 2005! I didn't stay long, but the things I learned are a great deal, I think of them often in many things I learned specifically from them that I use on a daily basis!!!!

1. Aquafor LOL I had never heard of this and wondered at the time why did you have to put it on EVERY diaper change even if there was no diaper rash! (Still do it to this day) 

2. Cleaning that dang Garbage can: So Sheila it was a HUGE thing that that trash can flap and can stay clean.... Its my thing now, I can't stand the trash can to be dirty! LOL

3. SPEGHETTI Sauce!!!!: Although I have NEVER mastered the exact replica of your family recipe I think i get pretty close! And i still use ring sausage in my sauce!!!! LOVE it! (What wine did you use?) (Cooking is STILL not my favorite part of the day :P)

4. Thinking of Decorating my house? There were a LOT of things I loved about both homes! Lots of things I would love to have in my Someday Dream house :) 

5. Investing..... Hmmm you gave me a book about this... I pull it out from time to time "thinking" about it but its still foreign to me, maybe I should get back in touch with you to figure this stuff out.... 

There are not many things I regret in life but Know this I regret not keeping in touch very well with all of you, you were a special part of my life, you taught me a lot of great things, you helped me experience things I'd never seen, Got me out of South Dakota to start a new exciting Adventure and low and behold I met the love of my life right there in Virginia! 

So here is to Mike, Sheila, Craig, Sheldon, Honor and Jadzia, I sure miss all of you and thank you so much for the opportunity you gave me :) I hope to keep in better touch and maybe show you a bit of South Dakota?!?!!? 


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