Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Finding Deanna Again.....

I can truly say I am closer to finding and loving Deanna now than ever before!

Life is so much easier and fun when you love yourself! When you find something that defines you and helps you love yourself! When you find that purpose in life and you just know that's something God put you on this Earth to do?!?!?!

Don't get me wrong I still stress and have bad days but for so long now I haven't truly known myself or loved myself! I'm still on the road to self discovery but I feel so confident I am on the right path!

My husband asked me at the breakfast table this morning "Do you feel successful?" I answered at first without thinking, "sometimes!" Then as I ate my oatmeal I thought about it I never feel unsuccessful I just feel more successful some days than others! So yes I feel Successful!

Things I've been successful at lately:

-potty training not just my own child but 5 others.
-breast feeding for 11 months now!
-having a first grader who has gotten a 100% on every spelling test this year except 1!!!!!!
-loving my children with all my heart
- there is so much more but for now I'm going to enjoy the sound of sleeping babies!

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