Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I just Realized.......

Love, Laugh, Dance & Play Daycare is now State Licensed through the State of South Dakota, we also participate in the Youth and Family Services Food Program of South Dakota, and have been Licensed through Oglala Sioux Tribe Child Care for a year!!!!

I have Enjoyed working with everyone in becoming State Licnesed and am so very proud to show off my license :)

Daycare will be Closed April 18th and 19th due to training in Pierre that Sue and I will be attending! This will all help with our training hours for the state!

OPERATION Obtain my CDA: Child Development Associate: for my Daycare center is now underway! I should be able to work on it at my own pace and its all up to me on how fast I can get the certificate :) THEN I can go back to college in Early Childhood Education anytime I need :)

Um.... we're creeping up on the 2 year anniversary of the daycare :) :) :) May 2, 2011 I started the Daycare out of the house of our current Mayor of Martin SD! We operated there until June 2011 when a good friend of mine let us rent her home and run the daycare from there! We were there until November 2011 when my Aunt let us rent her home and run the daycare from here! We are still in this house and love it very much!

I have looked at a new place for the daycare center! its pretty neat! I'm sure it has its challenges including wanting too much $$ for the rent but I am so very excited and in love with the building, the location and the thought of finally having a place for the daycare center!!!!! I will take a photo of the Floor plan soon for now enjoy these photos of the State License, The Snow Storm and some beautiful children :)

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