Thursday, April 11, 2013

So much Emotions......

Today is a great day over all! Its a continued snow week! Brooklyn had school Monday and has not had school since! Its like another Spring break! Only longer :) She is enjoying this very much and is also very concerned about her PERFECT attendance :) You see she heard that if she had perfect attendance the entire school year that she would be put into a drawing for a FREE IPad and boy oh boy has this girl been working hard to keep her PERFECT attendance!!!! 

I have 3 extra kids here at daycare today and my 3 so a total of 6 kids! They have enjoyed building a 4 bedroom TENT in the toy room, helping me clean the bathroom (Not really) but they thought they were! LOL, Looking out the window identifying the things we see, singing songs, reading books and doing a few exercises! 

So yesterday I woke up at my usual 3:45am to feed the baby and I was not full..... This bothered me a bit or more than a bit because I hadn't planned on stopping breastfeeding until Azylen was a year old and I have about a month left! But there was no milk.... I drank alot of water and ate healthy all day yesterday and still nothing..... I guess I have just stopped producing milk. This is so emotional for me because I feel like I wasn't ready and that I didn't get the choice! Azylen seems to be doing fine with this! She has been weaning for about 3 weeks now. She gets whole milk at lunch time, and now she'll get it all the time.... So far no constipation, or belly aches... :) I think she will be fine... and I'm sure I'll be fine soon..... After all I finally have my body back! I should be excited right?!?!?!?

hmmmmm On another Note this Snow storm has completely made me lose all Spring cleaning desire and all that hard work I did for the past two weeks or more is like GONE! The house is a mess, crowded, cluttered, and the laundry is piling up again! And my KITCHEN is like a tornado went through it..... 

Well this is a very random post! I hope you're all having a great day! I am having a great day despite the decision my body made all by itself!!!! I guess its time to start working out again! :P LOL My only excuse not to run is gone.... NOW the excuse is its too cold! LOL have a wonderful day!

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