Thursday, February 28, 2013

State Licensing Update/Food Program


Okay So the State Licensing agent came down to visit with me and do my initial home inspection on February 15th! I really enjoyed having them here, I did find a few things I didn't agree with but all in all it was a great experience. They found 5 discrepancies:
1. There is a refrigerator on my deck that either needs to be locked, bound shut, or taken away!
2. The Dog needs his 2nd set of Rabies Shots in February.
3. The water Temperature was 8 Degrees too hot.
4. The Gun safe needs to be locked.
5. Sue (My Employee) Needed to read/sign a document and it needed to be in her file.....

So everything is complete except the dog and I shall make an appointment for that ASAP, By March 15th I will have everything submitted as done and I should be State Licensed ON or BY April 1st!

HOw exciting! Gosh it seems like it takes FOREVER! At any rate I had a great time, learned alot and am excited to be able to say "I'm a Licensed Daycare Provider!"

On other News:
The Food Program has really kept me on my toes.... I have to prepare menus for 4 weeks that will be served for the next three months! I think i'm done.... Its so hard to stick by the menu because I get the taste for something else and I make that instead..... But they did say I could substitute at any time as long as the meal still went by their guidelines! I'm still having a big issue with the MILK! It has to be 1% and the only 1% milk I can get here in Martin SD is about $5.00 a GALLON! UGH!

South Dakota Early Childhood Learning Conference
April 18-20! Sue and I will both be going, it will be nice to get away and get some fresh new ideas to bring back to our daycare! To make us Even MORE awesome!

Oh By the way! Did you see the newspaper!?!?!? We made the front page!!!! Yeah I'm proud!

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