Monday, December 10, 2012

30 Day Challenge Day 7

Day 7 –30 Day Challenge
Your favorite childhood toys

I have many favorite childhood toys and memories :) Things I still have are many stuffed animals and one barbie I got for one of my birthday's My mom made me a barbie cake with the Long haired barbie that has hair all the way to her feet.... I always wanted hair to my feet! Another cherished toy is a Buffalo I call "Buffy" She has been here since I was a baby and she is HUGE! The biggest Stuffed animal I own or even see most times :P Most of my things that I cherish however were not toys, I had trinkets I kept to remind me of the memories I made and the friends I shared those memories with! The stuffed animals i have kept all these years all have a story that goes with them and I love sharing my stories/memories! One Toy I didn't get to keep but remember vividly was a christmas present from my mom and dad, a Cardboard box constructed into a toy house! OH man that was the COOLEST present I ever got! Mom and dad worked long hours on those houses (Boxes) they painted them added windows and curtains, and even little door knobs for the doors! Gosh I think they lasted maybe a week but I can remember them SO well :) I hope to someday soon make one for my kids :) 

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