Wednesday, December 19, 2012

30 Day Challenge Day 15

Day 15 –30 Day Challenge
 Write 15 interesting facts about yourself
1. I have many MANY Freckles (Angel Kisses)
2. I like to smile even when i'm sad, mad, or upset about something... Smiling seems to make things feel even better!
3. My second toe is longer than my big toe!
4. I LOVE to dance! 
5. Singing is a new passion I've discovered in the last 3 years!
6. I am strong! I can take alot of emotional stuff and I'm even a little physically strong LOL
7. I love to run.... I used to actually do it! I haven't ran faithfully in about 10 years! LOL
8. I have to be organized or I can't do anything...... IE: I can't cook unless the dishes are done and the kitchen is clean....
9. I HATE cleaning Bathrooms
10. I love children..... :)
11. I have the weight of the world on my shoulders.... I feel pain and anguish for others.... I have lots of empathy.... its good and BAD! Sometimes I can't keep my own life separated from the lives I feel for....
12. I enjoy coming home to a clean house.... so before i go anywhere I clean the ENTIRE house.... just so I can feel that joy for a few minutes when I get home :) 
13. I love CAMPING :) I love the smell of the campfire, the sounds of the outside, Sleeping on the ground... Some of my favorite memories are from camping.... (I wonder why I have not gone camping for so long?)
14. My biggest joy and happiness is my own children :) Watching them grow and learn, try new things and cuddling.
15. I can't sleep at night until I've seen that all three of my babies are sleeping peacefully and I look at the stars.... After all I have so many loved ones in my life in the sky..... The stars are amazing :) 

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