Wednesday, December 19, 2012

30 Day Challenge Day 13

Day 13 –30 Day Challenge
 Somewhere you’d like to move or visit

OH man, I am where I want to be in life :) I moved to Martin (HOme) in April 2011.... But the places i'd like to visit are endless.....

#1. Virginia because I want to see my family and all my friends there.....
#2. Florida becuase I'd like to visit my Aunt Emma and Uncle Ralph again!!!! :) AND Disney World with the kids
#3. California becuase I've never been there.
#4. Las Vegas because I've never been of age when I went and I know it has lots of family attractions
#5. Washington State just because
#6. New York 
#7. Wisconsin
#8. Georgia
#9. TEXAS!
#10. I've never wanted to go out of the country, never had an urge or want.... But my husband and family have told me that there is so much more out there and different countries are different.... So maybe Mexico?!?! But I still am not sure I want to leave the country LOL

I want to see ALL 50 states :) 

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