Tuesday, February 26, 2013

30 Day Challenge-- Day 20

Day 20-30 Day Challenge
How important you think education is

Education is so very important to me..... Although I have NOT finished college it has been a very vital part of my life! Its also helped me to see how much my children need it :) And it helps me become a better Daycare provider! I love finding new and innovative ways to teach kids :) and myself :P 

Right now If you counted up all my college credits I should have a Bachelors in something...... But its miscellaneous! I have credits in Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Education, Business, Accounting, and Medical Transcription LOL Can we say UNDECIDED?!?!?! 

I get to where I'm pretty definately sure of what I want to do when I "GROW UP" and then my mind changes all over again, or i have another child :) OH the blessings in life! So there is so much Education can provide I feel like Education is more important than ANYTHING other than family :) 

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  1. You have exactly the right mix of education to do what you now do, raise children and provide day care!!