Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Those feelings.....

So I run a Daycare out of my home..... Most of you know this already.... I would like to know how everyone feels when your daycare closes..... 
My children are sick so I feel like I need to close because I don't allow other kids into my daycare when they are sick.... and also because I need to give my babies all the love they need to get all better, or go to the doctor. So why do I feel so HORRIBLE every time I have to shut daycare down?????

I feel like i'm the only person some of my families have to watch their precious babies.... there are the sighs or the silence when told i'm closing for a day that just kill me.... Like I feel bad and mad at the same time is this possible? I mean I shouldn't feel this bad right there in my handbook it says you should have back up care available just in case and i usually call as SOON as I know I can't be open.... and honestly I NEVER shut down Period for just a personal day! My Parents are wonderful they're all about Family first and making me feel comfortable in my decision to shut down.... But its still a feeling I have that I'm not doing enough! 

NOw in Virginia if my Daycare closed or if my "Sitter" said they couldn't watch my baby I was stressed to the MAX! I didn't have back up so i'd have to call in sick and all of you know you don't want to call in sick too many times when its not you yourself that is sick because then you won't have any sick time left when you are in fact actually sick!!!! and if you're single or even if you're married or in a relationship when moneys tight MONEYS TIGHT! So you can't just NOT go to work! 

Maybe I'm rambling I'm just feeling bad. In the past 2 months i've had to close daycare down not once, twice or even three times BUT 4 times!!!!!! Thats more than I shut down ever!!!! I hope these sicknesses LEAVE us all alone and SOON! I'm sick of being sick and taking care of poor sick babies!

At any rate.... Its "those feelings" I needed to talk about today :) I hope you've all had a fantastic day! I know i'm really enjoying giving my babies all the love they need and deserve poor babies anyway. 

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