Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ideas on Funding my Future Daycare Center

I have owned and operated my very own Home Daycare since May 2, 2011. I absolutely LOVE what I do. I have been filled to capacity for over 6 months now and there is such a huge need here in the Martin, South Dakota Community. I am looking to start the only Daycare Center here in Martin. I would like to have it be a Daycare Center and a Community Center. The location is negotiable but I would love to be on Main Street or Hwy 18! My biggest issue is funding.

The Daycare Community Center would include:

A Fully Staffed Daycare Center for Infants to 5 years old.
An Indoor PLayground for Daycare and community use. (Mommy & me PLaydates, and winter fun)
An Outdoor Playground for Daycare use.
A community Room.
A Dance Studio (This would be used for Daycare and dance classes which are not currently offered in Martin)

I know Martin is a small community and funding to start and keep this going would be hard in the first few years.... But I have dreams and I feel like our community NEEDS all of this :) I grew up here and LOVED to dance, I taught the Millennium Dance Team in 1999-2003 and again in 2011/2012. I also had my own dance group in high school and went on to teach a jr. high-12th dance team after graduating from Bennett County. I then taught dance in 2005-2008 while working for Job Corps in Virginia.

The Community Room would be used for VERY many different things.... I thought if this room was not used as much as it needed since there are like 4 different places in Martin with community rooms that I would turn it into another Daycare room....

The Indoor PLayground is something I utilized with my own children in Virginia... Its great, Since winters are so cold and so long here in South Dakota I thought it would be awesome to have the FIRST indoor playground in Martin, this would be used for Daycare, Mommy & Me PLaydates, Birthday Parties, ect.... It would be open to the community as long as everyone was respectful of the rules.

I would offer jobs to the community something that this community NEEDS! It would eventually add about 25 new jobs for Martin South Dakota community! I would also make hours available to people in College and working at the BC Hospital and Nursing Home.... The hours would be from 5:30 am till 8:30pm..... That is when I get staffed and started :)

I"m looking at quite a steep price but I figured I would try to see if anyone else would like to help me support my dreams for this community?!?!?!

I need to Purchase

among many other Start up and maintaining costs..... I have so many ideas and thoughts.... Just looking to find ways to fund it.... If you think you have any ideas or would like to donate please let me know :) Thank you
Deanna Coleman
Love, Laugh, Dance & Play Daycare,
Mommy & Me Playdates

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