Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This New life I live :)

So I've been a stay-at-home-mom for about 5 months now! I have been very busy with packing to move, moving, and unpacking! Learning the ins and outs of our now town and home, as well as meeting new people and making new friends! I have LOVED being able to stay at home with my children. Buying a house has been a challenge, at times i've felt like i'm not doing enough, not making money to help, not keeping the house clean enough, not challenging the children as well as I should be and definitely not getting home as much as I thought I would when i was going to be a "Stay-At-Home Mom"

I did start to sell Pure Romance, which for me has been an awesome challenge, and great time!!! I absolutely love the products but my favorite part is the parties I get to throw for other women and have fun at our "Girls Nights out" I haven't made as much money as some people who do direct sales but I am not losing money and i'm having fun!

I also have made many goals
1. Becoming organized
2. Getting Involved in the Community
3. Initiating Mommy & Me Playdates in Hot Springs
4. Teaching my now 4 and 2 year olds Preschool things (writing, reading and other things) Since there is not a public Preschool here.
5. Blogging.....

I love pinterest, has so many great ideas for just about anything you can imagine! I've been researching Blogs and how to's for starting a Blog as well as other things for stay at home moms, decorating, and learning! OH FUN!

I thought i'd write a little to let you all know i'm still here and I am doing great! I hope you are as well! I will keep you updated on my goals as well as the house and other things! Have an AWESOME DAY!

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