Friday, June 27, 2014

Post Move.....

So we are officially moved to Hot Springs! The house is still not closed on yet but we have moved!!!! The kids and I are very involved with many "Summer Rec" activities here! Brooklyn is in Art, Gymnastics, T-Ball, and Dance. Easton is in Gymnastics, T-Ball and Dance! They both are learning, meeting new friends and loving the time spent out of the house :) Mommy has met a few new friends as well AND I've been walking as much as possible :) What a great workout just to walk to and from activities!!!!

When we are not at activities, I am unpacking the unlimited number of random boxes, moving things around over and over, picking up toys, enjoying time with my brother and sister-in-law, picking weeds, feeding, bathing, entertaining and all the other fun mommy stuff!!!! I would have to say, I'm just as busy as a stay-at-home momma as I was being a Daycare provider. 

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