Tuesday, April 7, 2009

All New To ME!!!!!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Deannas Blog Spot! 
So my thoughts for today......
I got a new computer from work yesterday, complete with a great set of instructions and shortcuts (aka My Husband!) The Computer is the MacBook Pro 15 inch!!!!! Whoo Hooo!!!!! yay me
So I am figuring out all these cool new things I can do with my computer that can go anywhere with me AND hook up to the internet!!! YAY~~  So goes my BLOG Site!

ATTN: Aunt Roseanna, I am doing this Blog space because I think yours is SO COOL and you are able to communicate with two worlds/homes:  what I mean is South Dakota is home but so Is Virginia, so now I can let Both places know whats up at all times!!! 

Well today I feel good, I feel guilty that I could not be home to Remember Grandma Haynes; to be there for my family and everyone that means so much to me.  But everyone has been in touch with me and making me feel like I'm not such a bad person for not being able to be there. 
Thank you to everyone... I love you all and I'm sorry I can't be there. I can't wait to see you all

PS I will be home in May for everyone to know! 

Hugs Deanna

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  1. Hi Deanna
    I am so glad you are doing this.
    I think it would be neat to have a family website for us all. Hint Hint
    Love you